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English Budgie

What is the average life span of a parakeet?

Question by Matt G: What is the average life span of a parakeet?
I had one, I got him as a baby and he died a few days ago he was only seven months old. I 'am heart broken.I think he eat a piece of plastic the was on his cage, but don't know for sure what did him in.


Answer by dr
I'm sorry to read that, by English budgie just died not even an hour ago and he was 3 years old:*(
My parakeets I had when I was growing up lived to 11 and 12 years of age. They can usually go to 15 years.


  1. skydanzer400 Says:

    A Budgie is just one of the many types of Parakeets. The proper name is Budgerigar. All Budgies are Parakeets but not all Parakeets are Budgies. If you will do a search for Parakeets, you will find the many different types, sizes, etc.

what is the difference between a parakeet and an English budgie?

Question by Adrian: what is the difference between a parakeet and an English budgie?


Answer by Vampire Justice
English budgies are slightly larger than the normal parakeets that you find in Australia. A parakeet is a term for "Small parrot with long tail". So there is many kinds of parakeets. The English Budgie is just one of them.


  1. Bird Mommy Says:

    Yes, the parrotlet WILL attack your budgie! Parrotlets in the wild have to defend their nests against harsh competition from other birds, predators, and even giant spiders that are bigger than they are! As a result: parrotlets have a natural instinct to be very aggressive!

    I would not let them come into contact with each other at all, either in the cage, out of it, or on the playpen together, as serious injuries could occur. I had one parrotlet bite another's foot once, breaking his poor little toe and resulting in an infection that required a trip to the vet... and this was a bite that occurred THROUGH THE WIRE of the cage! One flew to the other's cage to try to attack, and the one inside the cage grabbed the other guy's little foot and chomped.

    The moral of the story is: Parrotlets are aggressive and territorial, and unless they were raised together since tiny chicks, I would not risk it! They are fine to look at each other and talk to each other from a distance, but always use great caution whenever one is out of the cage, ok?

    Best of luck to you!

Will Parrotlet Attach English Budgie?

Question by SarahStegoSaurus: Will Parrotlet Attach English Budgie?
So, I Have This Parrotlett, Hes Mean An All. But He Wasnt To My Friends Parrotkeets, And I Just Got This English Budgie, I Know They Cant be In The Same Cage Together, But What About In The Same Play Pen Together. I Still Have The Guenie(sorry for spelling) Pig Play Pen, And Its Small And Low, And I Was Wanting To Know If I Can Put Both Of Them In There Together. Should I?


Answer by Miss Kayla
Both parakeets and parrolets can be very moody and aggressive at times! So putting them together is definitely not the best idea!

Any English Budgie breeders in Connecticut?

Question by Emily: Any English Budgie breeders in Connecticut?
I need to be able to see the birds you have to be able to choose. I currently have an adult male that is a bit older than 2 years old, and I am looking for a companion for him, and that companion must be a very young bird, as the chances of them getting along will be greater. I've been searching the internet with very limited success, so I thought I'd try my luck here. You need to live or sell the birds in Connecticut, as I won't drive further, I live in Fair field, so anywhere close to there would be perfect!


Answer by dot
go to birdchannel

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  1. Elisha Says:

    they are the same thing, and doesn't really matter what the breed of parakeet it is. bugdie's are pretty much just a nick name for all's parakeets, just like a Tiel is a nick name for cockatiel's.

  2. Night Rainbow Says:

    Yes, they are the same thing, different names.

    I have noticed that people from Britain tend to call them Budgies, or Budgerigars ( longer name for budgie ) more often.

  3. Gayle Says:

    There are two sizes of Budgies (or Budgerigars) that look exactly alike. The English Budgie is closer in size to a Cockatiel , but a true parakeet can also look like this:


  4. Kristen Sharrow Says:

    There is no difference. In England, the parakeet was called a budgie and some people do here too. But mostly people who live here call parakeets parakeets and not Budgies.

  5. fox Says:

    Budgies and parakeets are two names for the Australian Budgerigar.
    They are called parakeets, American parakeets, or American budgies in the United States. The American parakeet is the same size as the wild Australian Budgerigar, while English budgies (also called Exhibition budgerigars) are three times larger than their American (rather, Australian) cousins.

  6. moggie Says:

    Parakeets are a family of different parrot types. The budgerigar or budgie is just one of several types of parakeet.
    A budgie is a type of parakeet.
    A parakeet isnt a budgie or isnt a type of budgie.
    The common usage of the term parakeet , especially in the USA, is not the correct term for the budgerigar, no matter how many people choose to use the word parakeet instead of budgie or budgerigar.

    Parakeets belong to the parrot family and the word "Parakeet" means long tail. They are small to medium sized parrots with long, tapered tail feathers rather than the larger parrots with stockier bodies and squarish tails. These colorful, graceful birds are full of energy! Being flock birds, Parakeets are very social with each other and with people. They love attention and make wonderful pets.

    The parakeet genera are found in many of the various parrot sub-families and overall there are about 120 species with many sub-species. They come from many diverse habitats throughout Asia, Australia, tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa, Central America and South America.

    Parakeets can be:

    Alexandrine Parakeet
    Budgerigars &- Parakeets
    Derbyan Parakeet
    Eastern Rosella
    Indian Ringneck Parakeet
    Plum-headed Parakeet
    Quaker Parakeet
    Regent Parakeet

    so the term parakeet isnt another name for a budgie...it is a species of several types of parrots. Just because parakeet is often used by people to describe a budgie doesnt make it the real or other name of a budgie.

    Seems to me that on the whole the USA likes to rename things...
    The budgie or budgerigar is a parakeet or keet

    The pet type budgie in the US is called an American Budgie... nowhere else are they called AMERICAN
    The show type Budgie in the USA is called an "English" ...but they arent called ENGLISH in england or australia

    For anyone to say they have a PARAKEET...the next question one must ask is ...
    WHAT KIND OF PARAKEET ??? because there are many as its a family of birds of all types, not another name for a budgerigar.
    If anyone says I have a budgerigar or budgie...it means just that. there is onyl one kind of budgie...just comes in different colours and sizes. NOT American and NOT english.
    Pardon me for believing the budgerigar is an Australian bird, regardless of where it lives.

    If we can educate ourselves no matter how old we are or where we live...then why do educated people still call budgies KEETS ??

What Is the difference between a Parakeet and Budgie?

Question by Electric_Wolf: What Is the difference between a Parakeet and Budgie?
Are they the same type just different names?


Answer by S??c??
Well, budgie are in the parakeet family, so they are a type of parakeet. There are lots of types of parakeets and budgies are one of them.

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  1. Mrs Mills Says:

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  2. babo1dm Says:

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  3. Prof. Lee Says:

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  4. bangnoai Says:

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  5. zzzzz Says:

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What are some words and phrases the English say that people in North America dont use?

Question by Mrs. Harley: What are some words and phrases the English say that people in North America dont use?
my husband moved to Canada when he was really young, and he tries to remember some of the different language they use there as we are planning to visit his family. I am just curious.


Answer by Pretty n Pink
Chip chip, ta ta, cherrio, rubbish, bloody


  1. M2MM Says:

    Budgies aren't as intelligent as African Greys, but they can be taught to talk quite clearly. Here's my favourite budgie "celebrity" on YouTube:


    A budgie can be a lot of fun, but you have to put in a the effort to get the rewards. :)

can a budgie have the ability to learn as well as an African Grey?

Question by April Rhy: can a budgie have the ability to learn as well as an African Grey?
I seen Video's on YouTube, and from what I can see, Grey's are really smart! I was wondering... can a budgie get this far with its ability to speak the English language? like for instance, Einstein, Griffin, or Alex.. all VERY famous african Grey's.


Answer by Rachel
Nope, a grey is very hard to surpass. A budgie can defintitely learn to talk (considering it's a male, females are very difficult to teach to talk), but they will never come close to a grey. Greys have the ability to mimic a person's tone and voice exactly, to the point where it can be hard to tell if the parrot or the person is the one saying it. A parakeet on the other hand will sound screechy and you can definitely tell it's a bird talking. Also, budgies just don't have the vocal capacity a grey does. Greys will be able to say so much more, can actually form sentences, while a budgie can learn only a few words in comparison.


  1. redfirelizard Says:

    It shouldn't matter what you get as long as there are only 2 birds in the cage. If you decide to go for a third, the ratio should be more males then females. All the research I did when I got mine said that having 2 females and 1 male in a cage would possible cause the females to fight and/or kill each other. Did you know in parakeets/budgies the female chooses the male and not the other way around?
    Then again it may work. My mother has had a cage of keets for over a year now with 2 females and a male and they get along fine, but that may be because the females were the only ones in the cage for about 6 months.
    Good luck!

When owning 2 English Budgies, would it be better to have 2 males, 2 females or one of each?

Question by Joseph M: When owning 2 English Budgies, would it be better to have 2 males, 2 females or one of each?
I have a male parakeet. I would like a second for the same cage. Which is better together, 2 males, 2 females, or 1 male and 1 female?


Answer by FruitLoop
This all depends. All kind of explain all of it just for a view at pairs.

I personally have two females, and they get along well. Two females are usually good together. Then, you could get a female to go with your male, but they might have babies. I'm not sayin thats a bad thing, it just might not be all that great for you. And last, you could get another boy, but some parakeets will bully other parakeets, and sometimes males try to reproduce with eachother. And that is weird.

So, whatever you deem best. Good luck. :)

4 Answers

  1. Mom M Says:

    she should be ok.. maybe give her somthing else to bite at?

  2. lisak Says:

    if it has lead in it, it could be toxic, did she actually swallow it

  3. fussyfeathers Says:

    Your bird could become victim to heavy metal toxicity. Paint should NOT flake of a bird cage, if it does, there is a high chance it is the WRONG coating for a bird cage, and could well be poisonous. Please dump this 'decorative' cage immediately. Watch your bird VERY closely now for signs of fluffing, lethargy, shivering, lack of appetite or ANY change of poop formation. Any signs of any of these symptoms, and your bird should get urgent avian veterinary attention.

  4. Charlie V Says:

    no i dodnt think so but it might be hungry...

Will my English budgie be all right?

Question by ur: Will my English budgie be all right?
I caught her breaking off pieces of paint from a decorative bird cage and eating it. She seems to be alright. Does any one know if the paint could be toxic?


Answer by Angela
it shouldnt be. my Quaker does that all the time. I dont think they would use toxic paint on a bird cage.


  1. Joanna Says:

    i'm sorry that i'm English but i got lovebirds for £40 and i heard lovebirds can be $ 25 &- $ 200 so go to different pet stores and see what price they will vary in price alot!. also budgies are nice too they are easy to tame and aren't too noisy. parots are tooexpensive and try cockatiels, lovebirds, and also a website in the source.

Where can I get a non-expensive bird as a pet?

Question by Nathaly Samper: Where can I get a non-expensive bird as a pet?
I'm an animal lover and love everything about nature. So recently, I've really been wanting a pet bird. My cousin has a really cute baby Sun Conure that cost her about $ 180. I've checked different websites but they all charge more than $ 100 dollars. I know parakeets or budgies are one of the cheapest types of birds but I was looking for a prettier bird. Can anyone please help me find a cheap/free bird? Any type of information would be appreciated. And if you add information about where I can get cheap supplies such as cages, food, toys, etc. I will vote for you as best answer! Thanks for your help!


Answer by Caspian
You shouldn't own a bird if you aren't ready to spend a LOT of money on food, toys, medication, and cages. Birds aren't as high cost or maintenance as a dog or cat, but they still need a big cage, the right food, a lot of toys, calcium supplements, and other things as well as training if you don't want it to completely cower when you approach it. Do yourself a favor and get a little beta tank.

However if you change your mind and agree to spending money on a bird, you will need around $ 300. No good parrot other than a budgie will cost less than $ 75, and that's for your normal cockatiel. A silver will cost you at least 100. A parrotlet or quaker parrot is more like an actual parrot but they are not afraid to stand up for themselves unlike cockatiels which get pretty scared and are more timid and consenting. The cheapest a good parrotlet or quaker parrot baby will be is 100 or so, and 150 or more for a good well trained adult.

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  1. Goldy Says:

    No there is no such thing as an "English Budgie "in the true sense, Budgies originate from Australia, the term "English Budgie" refers to the Show or exhibition budgie, which was bred to be larger and more Robust for exhibitions.

    They were brought to England by sailors returning from Australia in the early 1800′s.

    Well all those that allegedly know about birds do not know where the Budgie originates from why don't you get a life???????

  2. Sisyphus Says:

    YES...real breed,real name!!

  3. MalMonroe Says:

    No there aren't. All budgies originate from Australia.
    And your question says it was originally asked in the USA, so are you REALLY in England???

  4. Peridotkitty Says:

    What Goldy said.

    It is just a name given to exhibition budgerigars. But technically all budgies are Australian.

  5. lovebirds Says:

    Every thing Goldy has said is correct, the term English budgie refers to the advancement of genetics to create a larger bird for exhibiting. So why has every one ben down marked.?

  6. biggy34 Says:

    All Budgies originated in Australia. The bird made its way to England as a very good little pet. The original Budgie was green with yellow on its face, After selective breeding the birds became so many different colors.They noticed it had a few more of this or that colors and made what we have today. The budgie grew in its popularity and made a wide spreed sweep all over the world and have been loved by many pet owners. The only real English Budgies were transported there from Australia.

    Fellow Parakeet owner for 22 years now.

is there such thing as an english budgie?

Question by bob: is there such thing as an english budgie?
i live in england by the way, i was looking at some videos of budgies on youtube and they all say "english budgies" and there arent any wild one here or anythin, arent they all just budgerigars? im confused :/


Answer by Nick
Yes, there are english budgies. They are typically much larger than American budgies, but have a smaller lifespan (around 12 years). They both make great pets, but english budgies need a bigger cage.

3 Answers

  1. brucemoko Says:

    Of the three you mention, a budgie is the only one I'd recommend for an apartment. The other two can be loud enough to disturb your neighbors.


    All three of them can reproduce sounds and words. Budgies have the largest potential vocabulary of the three, but are probably also the hardest to understand.

    No parrot will "come back" without extensive training. Without training, no matter how much it loves you, it's likely to get lost &- or sit in the top of a tree and yell for you to come get it. If you want to take one outside, it should be clipped or be wearing a harness or flight suit.

    Other parrots that might be suitable for an apartment (and not too expensive) include:

    parrotlets &- small but feisty:

    lineolated parakeets &- small, quiet, easygoing, cuddly:

    Pyrrhura conures (e.g., green-cheeked and maroon-bellied) &- the quiet conures, playful and cuddly:

  2. Lisa G Says:

    parakeets don't sing they just chirp so i would go with a bird that sings if that is what your looking for.

  3. Sasha Says:

    budgies would be the quietest ...

    just watch some utube videos and see which one fits your lifestyle.

What is best parrot for me? I am trying to decide between Alexandrine parakeet, Budgie and maybe Quaker?

Question by Vlado: What is best parrot for me? I am trying to decide between Alexandrine parakeet, Budgie and maybe Quaker?
I live in a apartment and this will be my first bird. I would also like a bird that can reproduce sounds and which i can take out with me in walks. So very social bird that would come back. Thank you all!
Come back when i release it... :)


Answer by Shelbi
Youd have to train it to come back. No guarantees it'd stay with you outside

What is the size difference between English and American Budgies?

Question by smashpup: What is the size difference between English and American Budgies?
Does anybody have a side by side picture so I can really see the difference? My husband swears there is no diff and I want to see before I choose one. Thanks!


Answer by Phoenix
This is all I could find:

What is the difference between an "English" and an "American" budgie?

When people refer to an "English" budgie they are generally talking about a budgie that is significantly BIGGER than the wild Australian budgerigar and with characteristics and features that were developed and enhanced specifically for show. Some of these features include a bigger head and chest, large, circular throat spots, and vibrant, clear colors and markings. "English" budgies are generally less active and more prone to "American" budgies are much closer in size and features to the wild Australian budgerigar. They have streamline bodies, are very active, and are the type usually seen and sold in pet stores in the United States and Canada.



english budgie

english budgie

english budgie

Comparison of the two:


Hope this helps...

4 Answers

  1. Mr. nice guy Says:

    Possibly but i dont recomind it. The grey could easily with one lunge kill the budgie. I have an african grey and a double yellow headed amazon... the grey tries to go after
    My amazon wich os bigger so theyre confident

  2. LadyKnight Says:

    I would definitely not recommend this...first, a Budgie requires much smaller bar spacing than a Grey, and the smaller the bars the weaker they usually are, which means the Grey could probably bend/break them. Also, there is the size difference. While they may get along fine, the Grey is much larger than the Budgie and could easily kill it, even if they appear to like each other from separate cages. For the safety of your parrots, I would just not try it. The chance that it would work is too slim, especially since the risk you would be taking is the life of your Budgie.

  3. lilly Says:

    No. Just, no.

  4. caroline faye Says:

    no the parrot will most likely kill the budgie.

Does a Congo African grey Parrot do good in the same cage as an English Budgie?

Question by puggirl: Does a Congo African grey Parrot do good in the same cage as an English Budgie?
please no rude comments, just wondering.


Answer by rosemary151
No, because they have completely different bar spacing requirements and an African grey would kill the budgie with one bite.

3 Answers

  1. Owlwoman Says:

    The pet store may not allow an outside bird in the store. If they do allow it, it is such an artificial situation for your bird that the response may be skewed.

    I suggest buying the bird (GCC), and letting the birds call to each other from different rooms for a few days, then be in the same room but not next to each other for a few more days, then put the cages nearby.

    Your idea of them interacting on a playstand is great &- IF your bird is willing to share his play area. Same species are likely to be happy with each other. If sister gets a budgie it cannot be with the GCCs. They will kill the budgie. Good luck to all of you.

  2. Alyssa Says:

    For about a week or two put their cages directly next to eachother and then eventually take both of the birds OUT OF THEIR CAGES and in a different area or on a play gym and observe carefully their behavior. DO NOT INTRODUCE them in ones cage they can be cage agressive

  3. Sandshrew Kornfan Says:

    I think you should talk to them and find out if they have anything in common. Maybe they both like tennis? Then get a friend and the four of you go play. Have some drinks before to loosen up! I think you'll be able to tell straight away if there's any chemistry. Best of luck! :)

How to introduce two birds?

Question by Mia: How to introduce two birds?
I have a green cheek conure, and my sister wants an english budgie and I want another GCC. I was thinking of bringing my bird to the pet store and letting them sit on a play stand together and if they're aggressive and don't calm down, I'll try a different one.
None will be in the same cage, but I want them to be nice so they can all be out together and play on their gym.


Answer by Nerry, Duckie, Ris
Just put them near each other while in their cages, they need about a week to get used to each other


  1. steven t Says:

    budgies are australian.the "english"budgie has been cross bred and line bred purely for the english show circuit.its looks,behavior ,fertility ,character and cheekiness of a real budgie have been bred out of it.buy a budgie that is active and healthy not because its called an "english"budgie.there is no such thing.

Are all English budgies this way?

Question by Deirdre M: Are all English budgies this way?
My English Budgie, whom I've had for a year, has always been very quiet, almost never makes a sound or chirps, doesn't play with toys and never takes baths. Is this normal?


Answer by Becky D
I had a budgie for 11 years and he was the loudest thing alive.
He would sing along to songs and learned to imitate bells, the other bird, and the guinea pig.
My bird hated baths but loved toys.
Evey birds personality varies but just keep trying to get him engaged by switching out toys and rearranging the lay out of his cage.

3 Answers

  1. Renji Says:

    the names

  2. Jone Says:

    The difference is that an American parakeet is originated from america I think and the budgies from English. But the main difference is that the American one is smaller and can live longer with the proper care. they can get I think 5 to 6 inches long and an English budgie doesn't live as long plus they can get up to 8 to 9 inches long. So the main difference is the size. I have 2 American parakeets myself.

  3. Qasim Says:

    Well, English parakeet's are easier to tame/train and they are much bigger. Here are 2 pictures of a English Budgie and and American side by side so you can see the size difference.



    P.S. There is not really such thing as an American budgie, because budgies originated from Australia and the English budgies are named that because they created that type of budgie in England.

what is the different from an American parakeet and a English budgie?

Question by patty81: what is the different from an American parakeet and a English budgie?


Answer by yr2square
The parakeet doesn't speak the King's english.

5 Answers

  1. Sally T Says:

    I'm a nurse, not a vet. But I have had many, many animals including birds over the years. I also know from my practice that people, and animals, I'm sure, are not statistics; they are individuals. A lot would depend on the general health of your bird, I'm sure. Don't get discouraged; keep his cage a safe place for him; think about taking high perches out so he doesn't fall, etc. Give him lots of love and attention. One thing to consider; is your vet certified to treat birds? If not, consider finding an avian veterinarian in your area for a second opinion.

  2. mills0418 Says:

    There is ALWAYS something to be done &- FIND ANOTHER VET!

  3. presleygirl Says:

    his leg isn't attached to his heart, it won't kill him, but his life won't be high quality, also ask another vet.

  4. Julnar Says:

    I don't think that he will die,he will have to use his beak to help him move around, but after a while his leg should heal by itself...The same thing happened to one of my budgies and now its fine, and also a father with 3 partners.

  5. May C. Says:

    Well I took in an injured Male American Cardinal a couple of years back who's Leg was pretty much severed. His tendons were severed, but the foot was still attached. It was an old injury, and probably infected. He died the day after I took him in. He might have been ill, and also It was an old injury that had not healed properly, so it kept re-opening. I did all I could for him, but at least he finished out his life in warm comfort.

    If your bird's leg is not an open wound, she will probably be okay. I say, trust the vet, but DO *NOT* GIVE UP HOPE! Make sure you give him his medication, and keep him warm. Definitely lower his food and water bowls so he can get at them. I recommend covering the cage and putting it in a quiet place. Also, In times of stress, birds revert to their natural ground feeding tendencies. if there is a grate over the bottom of the cage, remove it so he dosent get hurt further. Also, if your bird is in a cage with a guillotine style door I recommend getting a different cage. House him separately from your other birds if you have others and for the love of god, if he takes a turn for the worse, take him back to the vet IMMEDIATELY! minutes are especially critical in small birds, as they are very fragile.

    Good luck, and feel free to contact me for further advice.

Will my English Budgie die if he has a broken leg?

Question by tpicg_swarnam: Will my English Budgie die if he has a broken leg?
The vet said his leg is totally broken and he is too old to have any surgery performed on him. The vet gave antibiotics and painkiller as medicine.


Answer by ~Miranda~
No, but you need to take him to a vet and have them do something about it besides antibiotics.

2 Answers

  1. Belinda B Says:

    Yes you can keep budgies and cockatiels together- but why dont you just put them in with your other budgies?
    English and Australian budgies are the same- its just that the English are larger- there is no reason why they wouldnt get along.
    We have a huge aviary at work that is filled with budgies of all colours and sizes- they get along together fine. Your budgies will be happier interacting with other budgies rather than birds of a different species.

  2. chessmaster1018 Says:

    I guess it would depend on their personality's. I've seen the strangest of animals live together in peace. But like I said it depends on the animals, and their personality's. Give it a try and see how it goes !

Can cockatiels and English Budgies live together?

Question by anj: Can cockatiels and English Budgies live together?
I have an aviary 6ft high 4ft wide and 9ft deep,with 8 cockatiels. I'm thinking of placing 2 English Budgies in there. Would it be better to place the 2 English Budgies with my 2 parakeets. I'm trying to eliminate 1 cage(3 down to 2)


Answer by dumplingmuffin
yes my 2 have been together for 10 years now,no dont put a anything else with love bird or parakeet,i have a cockatiel and a budgie together,my love bird is on his own


  1. Niv Says:

    yes they do.

Do English budgies and parakeets get along?

Question by nat: Do English budgies and parakeets get along?
I have seen both kinds, and know that the English budgies are slightly bigger, but do they get along? Even if they are related?


Answer by Violet
Yes a lot do. I have 2 English budgies and 2 American Parakeets. They get along great.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I have had one parakeet who has lived with many of parakeets in her life as well. They died in different ways but she was always the mommy. Whenever I would buy a parakeet, it would be absolutely no where near that high of a price they are usually well under 30, but It may be more expensive if it is slightly something else too (english budgie). I did that with my last baby parakeet. I bought her a new cage separate from my other parakeet. The thing is, when they are babies they are scared and new to everything, especially when you bring them home. They will want to bond with something and if you automatically put t in the same cage as the bigger bird, it will learn to bond to that bird instead of you. So if you want a strong bond between you and the new bird, so that it will rely on you and not the other bird, then try a separate cage for a while. But don't forget to play with the other. They get jealous!

  2. MomNeedsPublisher Says:

    Yes. They are like 15 to 20 at Petco and Petsmart. These are one of the easiest to find, most common pet birds ever.

    That said, look in the newspaper or Craigslist for a local breeder. Sometimes they are cheaper. My cockatiel and my green wing conure were.

    Go not put them in the cage together, EVER. Unless you have no plans on putting your fingers in the cage (ever) or holding them on your hand, ever. Other birds..and mirrors...cause the birds to fall in love and become biting and territorial.

Ms bell bird expert i have a parakeet question!?

Question by Budgies,dogs,cats,i love them: Ms bell bird expert i have a parakeet question!?
I am getting a baby parakeet/english budgie for 49.99 is that too expensive? I have an adult parakeet that has been with many birds in her life time. I am going to have the baby in a separate cage but wont she want the baby to be in her cage so she can play with it?


Answer by Courtney
They have to meet or the adult might not knew what it is, but if you do put it in there the adult parakeet might believe that it is her baby


  1. noam Says:

    Wild-type budgies and English budgies are usually kept apart because English budgies are more pricey as they are show birds. Young and old budgies are separated as well.

Do pet stores have American and English budgies/parakeets together?

Question by dooopo: Do pet stores have American and English budgies/parakeets together?
I was at petco and they had at least 20 in the same cage for $ 21 each. most were the same size but 3 or 4 were a good amount wider and taller. Does that mean they had 2 types of budgies? or do pet stores only have american smaller ones?


Answer by Duckyfuz
I thought you asked this already. If you want to see my answer, check on your first question. Again, it depends on their age.


  1. Frank Says:

    Hello. English Budgies are just a different strain developed through selective breeding but are the same species as the Australian, and their needs are the same. They are a bit calmer and quieter, which suits them well to indoor living.
    Please check out my article for a bit more info: http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatbirdblog/2009/10/22/the-english-budgerigar-calmer-and-quieter-than-its-american-cousin/.
    Enjoy, Frank

Are english budgie care any different than normal budgie care!?

Question by Nicigil: Are english budgie care any different than normal budgie care!?
Hey is there a difference there is a in need english budgie id like to save but i dont know if there is differences in food or anything ive had several australian budgies


Answer by Billy
No, as far as I know it's just the same. English budgies are domesticated versions of the usual Australian ones. They are bred to be large, but unfortunately they don't live as long on average. This shouldn't change the dietary or other requirements.

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  1. MOS!! Says:

    I think it is perfectly normal.He is most probably just still growing if he never gets any bigger i would say he is the runt of the family. I have a cockatiel just the same he has just never got bigger...its kinda weird but perfectly normal.

    hope this helps :D


  2. Conure FeatherDragon Says:

    He does sound rather small! Younger cockatiels can be quite tiny, as the other posters have stated. I have a baby that I'm currently hand feeding who is about the size of a budgie, but s/he will get bigger once their feathers fully grow in.

    Genes can also cause birds to be extra small. Dwarfism exists in many animals, including humans and horses. Sometimes an extra tiny animal is born. Sometimes they'll have a normal sized body but very tiny legs. Other times they'll be miniature copies of a normal adult. This can be confusing as some runts are dwarfs!

    Hope this helps :-) . I'd say your guy is an extra small youngster. Give him a few years. he may grow into his feathers.

  3. Rev. Two Bears Says:

    Cockatiels comes in different sizes.

    Hishi the cockatiel of a friend was a small cockatiel. He never did get as large as normal tiels. he had the length of a normal cockatiell but the width of the body was only about 1/2 as side as my cockatiel (scampy).

Can my cockatiel be a dwarf?

Question by Fashion Bug: Can my cockatiel be a dwarf?
he is very very small almost as small as a english budgie is this normal or is he a runt or dwarf
he is about a year old and he was hand fed he is a lutino


Answer by Christie D
How old is he? Was he parent raised or hand fed?

If he is under a year, he is still growing.

If he was hand fed, he may not have gotten enough to eat and that could have stunted his growth.

Take him to an avian vet and see what they have to say.


  1. ms bell Says:

    The average length is 7.0-7.2 inches. Average weight is between 25-45 grams. Most budgies will reach this length and weight by three to four months of age. Note: My avian vet has said that when a budgie starts getting over 40 grams, that they are getting overweight. Some budgies will get to 50-60 grams, which is very overweight or obese.

How long does it take a budgerigar to reach full growth?

Question by Feleshalight: How long does it take a budgerigar to reach full growth?
(American budgie, not English.) And how big?


Answer by Mew
About a year and a month.
Ive never measured a budgie dont know

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  1. cobbaian Says:

    my budgie doesnt like baths either but i filled his bath and put Parsly in the water and he would prefer to bath in that because in the wild they would wash in the dew grass in the morning... try it it works...

  2. tolerance-Jn3:16,Acts2:38 Says:

    sprinkle him, my bird doesn't like baths but hes fine with this

  3. carla m Says:

    uh sorry i don't have a answer but idk.

  4. mytielz Says:

    Do you have a fan in the room? Don't cover his cage on all sides, just leave the cover open at the front and only use a light sheet. Try misting him with a water spray bottle by spraying above him and let the mist settle on him. Even if he doesn't like it birds need to bathe to encourage preening. He might even like it.

  5. Someone on Earth Says:

    You should put them with you when you sleep in the air con roomas they hate bathing and that would be very difficult for them to cool down. However, you can bathe them just by spraying them with water using the spray. The ones that we use to water plants will do.

Cooling a bird off at night?

Question by Chitters: Cooling a bird off at night?
My English budgie doesn't take well to baths, and my house hit 82 in the middle of the night last night with no lights on.

What can I do to keep him cool? I cover him every night, but I'm afraid to.


Answer by anon..
Fill up a water bottle the size would depend on the size of his cage. Freeze it during the day nd place it on one side of the cage at night. The radiant cooling will drop the temp a few degrees and your bird can choose how close to sit to it.


  1. cynica Says:

    Good question. The native green Australian budgie looks tiny in comparison.
    Moggie. That first picture was hilarious!LOL

What do they do to English budgies to make them so big?

Question by Angelica<3: What do they do to English budgies to make them so big?
i remember i was at the pet store and i just saw GINORMOUS budgies (a hint of exaggeration)


Answer by moggie
Its all about FEATHER. Improvement in the size, quality and type of feather. Biggest and best are bred to biggest and best and ones with acceptable showy features.
To prove the feather thing...here is one of my show budgies after a bath

and here it is when dry and "showy" looking

which would appear to prove its all about feather.

Here is a photo of a show type budgie ( what you call english ) and a normal budgie http://i741.photobucket.com/albums/xx57/profeathers/043-3.jpg

3 Answers

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's a good chance he's in shock still, and trying to recover. Make an appointment at your local vet, making sure that they have a bird specialist there, and bring him in. If it's been a few days, then he's probably just bruised or something, but if it's only been an hour or two try touching around his wing. If he shows any sign of damage, whether squeaking when you touch a certain spot or something doesn't feel right, take him to the vet IMMEDIATELY. When a bird breaks a bone the bone fills with blood and can easily kill them.

  2. Crystal Says:

    yes it will go back, you should scold your dogs for teating the budgie like a toy. and when budgies are lonely or sad, they would be quiet, so you should really spend at least some time with your bird, usally budgies will chirp when they hear music.
    a budgie need 25min. of play time at least for a day.

  3. Spice Kitty Says:

    Birds molt wings once or twice a year. Your budgie will most likely molt in the late winter/early spring, and again in late summer/early fall. This is when the feathers will grow back in. If the feathers that are missing are the small ones that look really fluffy under the wing, then you need to make sure your bird is in a warm spot and has a heat lamp, because that wing can become cold; thosefeathers work as insulation for the wing.
    As for the quietness of your bird, he is stressed out from the event of beign chases, is in a form of shock. Whatever you do for enrichment with your bird, whether holding him or talking to him or playing with him, I would encourage him to do mor e of this activity and reward him more. This should help reassure your bird and get him to talk and play again.

My English Budgie almost became lunch?

Question by Patricia: My English Budgie almost became lunch?
My English Budgie got out of his cage while I was cleaning it. Unfortunately my dogs thought it was a toy. I got to him in time, but, I think his wing is hurt, he's missing a lot of feathers under the wing. His appetite is good. He's just very quiet. He's not playing with his toys and he's not chirping. Will the feathers grow back?


Answer by mykidsrsaints
I think you should call your emergency vet.

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  1. litterboxmess11011 Says:


    or Black Eye

    (those are the colors your eye turns when you get a black eye!)
    good luck!!

  2. gayle Says:

    How about Clover...since he is green and it is March.

  3. childs_puppet Says:

    Cyan which is american for light blue greenish or

    cause he's english an english name like...
    Heath (wasteland is it's meaning)
    Graham(home in graveled valley)
    Byrd(like a bird)

    which is all english.

  4. ProfessorAdam Says:

    How about a proper English name; Jeeves.

  5. shibonary_shinyoo Says:


  6. bird boy Says:


  7. PaPa Norm Says:

    John, George, Paul, or Ringo ? ~:>=

  8. Sapphyre Says:

    since he is a English budgie I would give him a royality name like Prince William, I can help it tht I am the 9th generation of the royal family anyway.

    Certified Avian Specialist
    Join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BorrowedRainbowAviary/

  9. thebirdlady Says:

    Call him "Henry", after English monarch, King Henry the 8th. Check out pictures of paintings of Henry on the web...he was actually shaped a bit like an english budgie, do you see what I mean...? The colors too are very regal. An excellent choice of name, I believe; I am sure you will all royally enjoy it!

  10. andy3191 Says:

    well the way i pick names for my pets is. i sit back and watch how they play and act. if its a bird that mocks my laughs. i would name it joker. or if its a hyper female i would name it hidie or hyde.

  11. gin15978 Says:

    billy blue boy

  12. raz_ahm Says:


  13. kris Says:

    How about "Bud" for short?

  14. cracker Says:


What should I name my male English Budgie bird?

Question by girly_koda: What should I name my male English Budgie bird?
He is a light lime green, with some black and blue, he's very handsome, lol! any ideas?


Answer by petebolos

2 Answers

  1. Beast Says:

    You need to talk to her gently, through the cage. Don't give her any food, for just a bit, so she doesn't starve. Then put food in the palm of your hand and hold your hand in her cage. She'll learn to eat from your hand. If she's too nervous, then feed her regularly and try again. Don't let her starve! Just be gentle. We have had so much fun with Budgies — you just have to have patience. It will be well worth it. Email me if you have questions.

  2. Alexis Says:

    Try taking out or putting in knew toys for it. Pay attention to her everyday. Make sure there is food and water at all times. you could also hold her with a wash rag of small dish towel.

My bird Tweet Tweet bites and she is 5 also she is an English Budgie. Can I stop this?

Question by : My bird Tweet Tweet bites and she is 5 also she is an English Budgie. Can I stop this?
Her name is tweettweet because I got her when i was about 3. I spend time with her it's just that she bites.


Answer by janet a
You need to talk to her gently, through the cage. Don't give her any food, for just a bit, so she doesn't starve. Then put food in the palm of your hand and hold your hand in her cage. She'll learn to eat from your hand. If she's too nervous, then feed her regularly and try again. Don't let her starve! Just be gentle. We have had so much fun with Budgies — you just have to have patience. It will be well worth it. Email me if you have questions.

P.S. Beast — are you so stupid you can't come up with your own answers? No wonder you don't allow email — you chicken!!!!

2 Answers

  1. kim Says:

    There is only the common budgie which is the original Australian budgie but now called the American Parakeet...(I don't know why)
    And the English Budgie which is slightly larger than the Aussie one & bred as a show budgie

    But if your talking about budgie mutations, there's way too many to put picture up here but you can start by checking out these budgie mutations websites:

  2. Prescott W Says:

    Budgies don't have different breeds but they have plenty of nice colors

Can anyone show me ALL the breeds of Budgies?

Question by Mithie: Can anyone show me ALL the breeds of Budgies?
I'm getting a budgie and i want to know what kinds there are. I want to know if i can see the images of all the kinds.


Answer by dave
you should go to www.wikipedia.org it will give you al sorts of budgies


  1. Casey Says:


What are some names I could name a budgie?

Question by Daisy: What are some names I could name a budgie?
I am getting two budgies for my birthday because I think they are really cute.
But I need some name ideas. I want them both to be female.


Answer by Emmi
Top 10 Budgie Names
1) Sky - of nature. (English)
2) Sunny - brilliant, cheerful, happy. (English)
3) Kiwi - a fuzzy, tart fruit (Polynesian)
4) Tweety - a small, cute canary from the TV series Looney Tunes. (English)
5) Buddy - friend; brother. (English)
6) Angel - angelic; messenger of God. (Greek)
7) Sunshine - term of endearment; happy, cheerful. (English)
8) Charlie - manly; strong; free. (English)
9) Blueberry - a small, sweet fruit. (English)
10) Budgie - Australian slang for 'good'. (English)

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  1. whatrukidding Says:

    Amazingly, birds are a big responsibility. They must be given fresh water daily, and their food needs to be checked every three days or so. Their cages need to be cleaned weekly, and they molt all year long which means feathers all over the place. Also, when they eat, the seeds go flying, and all of that means regularly vacuuming your room.

    I had a beautiful English Budgie. This is a bird that is bigger than your average parakeet by a couple of inches. They have a bigger chest also, and a larger brain. If you get a male, hand-raised and hand-fed baby, at about 6 weeks old, you can teach it to talk. Find a good aviary center, where they focus on birds only, and you will find a good bird. Pet store birds are bad, they are usually very old, and difficult to train. They will bite your fingers off cause they have been so abused and frightened.

    Our bird (we called him Gator cause he was green :-) ) could talk like crazy. We started right away with saying hello constantly. He started saying it a couple of weeks after we got him. Then we started teaching him all kinds of things. He said things like "why I oughta", "pretty bird", "Gator's a good bird", "good morning", "give us a kiss", all of our names, and so many more words and sentences. He would sit lovingly on our shoulder, groom our hair, and he would even give kisses. We loved him very much. We liked that he was smaller than most talking birds, but still so very smart.

    One weekend we went away and we forgot to give him water. We found him dead the following Monday. We were devastated, and I cried for hours and so did my son. So it just goes to show you that they do require regular care, and the price you pay for not doing so is a dead pet.

    Be sure you are ready. And if you are, then just talk to your mom and tell her you know you've been very irresponsible, but you feel strongly that you will now be able to take care of the pet properly, and you would like to prove yourself. Also, you could ask her if you were able to save for it, could you purchase it yourself. That would surely mean that you would think this over carefully and ensure you spend your own money on something you are really committed to.

    Good luck!

  2. mstng Says:

    You just need to tell her to give you a practice period. Maybe buy the bird and see how it goes...if you can't take care of it she can find it a new home. This will of course not happen, right, well I hope this helps. Or you can do what I did. My grandma came home with a bird for me and my parents couldn't refuse it...now they love the bird a ton. Funny story actually...well anyway I really hope you get a bird!

  3. deirdrefaith Says:

    go ahead and buy the birdseed, pay a vet bill ahead of time, get a cage on sale
    at night when they think you don't know they are behind your door, pretend like your crying and pray to jesus for a pet bird, practice b4 u put on your big act
    cut out pic of birds from a lotta magazines, and place them on the fridge
    go to the library and check out a dozen books on bird varieties
    when your parents pass by, and ask ya what your up to, just pretend your mesmerized in ur reading, and hold up the title to them

  4. Katie K Says:

    Show your parents that you are willing to be responsible for this bird. Go to the library, check out some books on bird care and actually read them. Find a bird club in your area and ask your parents if you can join it (you don't need to own a bird for most of them). Go to meetings (take your parents with you), ask other bird owners about their birds, listen to the speakers. Put together a bird care chart&-what needs to be done daily? Weekly?

    Parents are more impressed by action than talk because so many times kids will want pets but when the novelty of a new pet wears off, it's the parents who are stuck taking care of it. Show them that this won't happen with you and who knows, maybe miracles do happen.

How can I convince my parents to let me have a bird?

Question by This is it.: How can I convince my parents to let me have a bird?
I'm thinking of a Budgie, lovebird, or a Canary, but probably a Budgie.

I already know the basics of getting a pet.
Know you're information ( I do.)
Don't whine ( I don't )
And ask for you're birthday ;] ( I have)

I just want some extra tips that may apply to the bird.

Do you think paying for half the cage if it was a birthday present would be a good Idea?

What Can I do?
My mom just doesn't want me to have a bird. (I'm 14, but I'm really responsible [[now]]. And there were about 4 hampster incidents from ages 7-10.) How can i convince her that that won't happen again, too?




Answer by comet_princess2000
I think ur parent dont believe that ur responsible enough to take care of a pet , but if u want a bird so badly , why dont u try to be more responsible . So ur parents might think u as a responsible girl and buy u a bird . Dont act childish infront of them . alright . No then it wount be called a b day gift , if u paid half price of the cage
if u want tips on how to take care of a bird then u should try out the website &- WWW.Animalcare.com

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  1. SISTER FIRE Says:


  2. Ravishing Says:

    Don't know a web site but my budgie always spoke very clearly. There was no mistaking the things he said. He could also squeak like the front door, sneeze, and cough.
    The breeder I bought him from said that you can tell how much a bird will speak by the amount it listens. This was true with my bird. He would almost stick his head in my mouth when I was talking because he was so intent on listening to every little word.

  3. rose Says:

    I have an albino budgie. Honestly he has 150 word vocabulary. I have many tapes of him, he goes on from morning until night. If my parents walk in he say "hi buddy want a beer?" If my son walks in he says "hey dude" If we grab our keys he says "Buddy going to work? bye buddy" we keep a radio on next to him all the time, if you notice noise stimulates them, such as water running, or the vacuum. He has picked up so much from the radio, however in the morning when we have our coffee we bring him on our finger and talk to him, or just read the paper out loud,,They do learn and listen by our vibe rations in our voice. PS, he even named his favorite "baby baby".lol

Does anyone believe the budgie recordings on the internet?

Question by ljb: Does anyone believe the budgie recordings on the internet?
I have a 10 month old male budgie who speaks English. He says about a dozen phrases, like "Whatcha doin'?" "Tell me story" and "What a pretty bird". Some phrases he uses in context, as in "bye bye" or "good morning". He is a little bit difficult to understand, and he sounds *absolutely* nothing like any of the budgie recordings that I have been able to find online. I am, in fact, mostly convinced by my bird that many online sites are hoaxes.
Does anyone know of a reliable site with budgie recordings (I thought my bird my enjoy listening).


Answer by Harry P Ness
I don't know of any for budgie or for conures. My conure is very clear when he speaks. He has a little trouble with "Moma come here" But hello and night night are very very clear and when he says his name is very clear too. But thank you is kinda hard to understand more like he grunts it but normally he has a mouth of food when he says thank you. Moma he says clear but when adding come here to it it is hard to understand.

2 Answers

  1. Charly Says:

    No, that is the usual life-span, 10 &- 15 years. On the very best diet, in the cleanest environment, and the best treatment from their owners, some can even live into their 20′s.
    On a very poor diet, a dirty environment, and not the greatest treatment, then it is unlikely they would live past the age of 5, which is very sad.

  2. moggie Says:

    He must be a very happy budgie and well looked after too.
    As far as an average lifespan there are so many things that can influence a lifespan for a budgie and noone can say any more what the average lifespan is without taking a whole lot of factors into account.
    Show or exhibition size and type budgies ( not called english unless you are in england ) average these days 5-7 years, but you will find thats mostly down to whether or not they have been used for breeding. Breeding budgies dramatically reduces their lifespan. A breeding show budgie averages 5-7 yrs.
    A budgie that isnt bred, lives a life virtually stress free, in a clean environment with good food and water can live to around 18 years. The thing is too it also depends on their heredity...their parents and grandparents...much like people. Like, if in your family your grandparents lived well into their eighties then the likelihood is...in later life you will too. If your grandparents lived to mid sixties...again in all likelihood you may too. So heredity plays a huge part in lifespan too. '
    Sounds ,like your beautiful boy has many more happy years with you and your family. But if he ever gets sick or acts depressed or unwell at any time never ever be slow about getting him to a vet as by the time they show they arent up to par they are usually very very sick and it can be life threatening.

Is this average for a male parakeet?

Question by AllieiAm: Is this average for a male parakeet?
He's actually an English Budgie, but he's 13 years old. From talking to others, that is a very long life span, is it rare to have one live that long? He's still very heathly and has no sign of dying any time soon. I feed him seeds with grit and occasional lettuce or fresh fruit and i give him clean water every day.


Answer by anna
Well done for keeping him happy and healthy!! I have heard that budgies can live up to about 20 years with the proper care. Mine only lived 10 but there are no avian vets where I live so I was on my own.

2 Answers

  1. JenniferKnowsItAll Says:

    There are regular budgies and english budgies which get a little larger.
    They both can talk &- however the vocabulary of a budgie is generally NOT very large &- aside from that fact &- it's the teaching a bird to speak that is the real challenge. I have an Amazon Parrot and she says about 10 phrases and I have a Macaw who will ONLY say Hello and Shut Up (which I did NOT teach him). So it really depends on you and how often you work with the bird... It's not as easy as repeating it a few times to the bird... It took my Amazon Cherry a few weeks of me every day talking to her just to learn "I love Cherry" &- and that was only after I gave in and stopped correcting her &- I wanted her to say I love You!

  2. SC Says:

    I never had any luck getting my budgie to talk! If i were looking for a lower cost bird to talk i'd choose a cockatiel. If i really wanted a talker i'd choose an african gray or a double yellow headed amazon &- both are excellent talkers and can learn hundreds of words &- often very quickly. Unfortunately, just like young children they can also pick up the words or phrases that you said accidentally (perhaps only once) and didn't want the bird to learn!

Do all the breeds of budgies has the ability to speak?

Question by conserve wildlife: Do all the breeds of budgies has the ability to speak?
In the pet shop their are cheaper budgies and costly budgies?What could be the difference in them?and do all the breeds of budgies can talk?


Answer by ????????
Are you sure they are all budgies, and not different types of parrots? Budgies are a species of parrot, but there are many others as well. A lot of different species of parrots can be taught to talk.
If you're sure they are all budgies, the differences will most likely be that some are males and some are females, and also some will be older and some younger. The young ones will be more costly, because they are easier to tame and train. The males may be more expensive too, as they are better talkers and they bite less as well. Another difference might be that some colours/patterns may be more expensive than others. The colour and pattern won't make any difference to their ability to talk, though.
To tell the difference between males and females, you need to look at the cere, which is the fleshy bit above their beak. Males have a blue cere, and females have a brown cere. It can be hard to tell them apart when they're young, but hopefully the pet shop will be able to help you pick a male. Make sure to get a young one, though, otherwise it will be almost impossible to tame it and teach it to talk.
Here's a pic of some budgies. They come in a lot of different colours, but they all look similar to the birds in the photo.


Hope that helps.

Added: Jennifer, just to let you know; English budgies are just budgies that have been taken to England from Australia and selectively bred for the traits that English people wanted. All budgies around the world descended from Australian budgies, and are still the same species with the same talking capabilities. Some learn a lot of words and some not many. The bird that holds the world record for the number of words learnt is actually a budgie with over a thousand words, although most don't learn nearly as many as that one.

4 Answers

  1. Zach H Says:


  2. NuclearMongoose Says:

    a budgerigar (budgie) is a species of parakeet, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budgerigar
    there are monk parakeets http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monk_Parakeet
    barred parakeet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lineolated_Parakeet
    ringnecked parakeet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring-necked_parakeet and many more

  3. Yogi T Says:

    Budgies or budgerigar.is the Native Australian name for parakeets. English budgies are regular parakeets bred in England to be larger than ordinary run of the mill keets. The terms Parakeet and budgie are interchangeable unless you are referring to the slightly larger English budgie. Now is that as clear as mud?

  4. Serj Tankian Says:

    Hi, a budgie, or Budgerigar, is the English Parakeet. It is basically the same as the American Budgerigar, except the English Budgerigar is more often showedi n competitions. The English also has a different price. They may cost 100 dollars, opposed to the regular parakeet of 20 dollars.

What is the difference between and budgie and a parakeet?

Question by amanda j: What is the difference between and budgie and a parakeet?
I was watching something on youtube and I couldn't figure out why they were calling the parakeets budgies, until i looked it up on urbandictionary and found out there is a difference. I have two parakeets of my own, i think, but im not sure because i read that budgies are often sold under the label parakeet. anyways, can you please help me? :)


Answer by Rebecca B
they are the same thing

3 Answers

  1. onyxpryzm Says:

    i have finches,i have raised finches on and off since i was 12 years old,i am 37 now,they are lively,colorful,prolific little guys with pretty little songs,they bring a ray of sunshine into my home even on stormy days

  2. Steven F Says:

    I have a sun conure named "Pustic". He is very affectionate and lovable. He's not a pet, he's a companion.

  3. jacksmom Says:

    i have a blue and gold macaw and he is a big part of our family. when we pick up our keys to leave he starts yelling goodbye... when we eat dinner he asks "Is that good?i bet that is good!" he has his own personality for sure. he seems to learn how to say things at just the right time. it is almost spooky sometimes the way he knows things. we took him to a friends house for a day while we were painting the house and we missed him terribly he is for sure the king of our house.

what is your favorite house bird and why?

Question by Fashion Bug: what is your favorite house bird and why?
birds like parakeets cockatiels english budgies paralets canarys and kind of bird you keep in your house please explain why that bird is the best an exapmle:

I think they are the best bird because they can understand what your feeling ect...


Answer by ? Tiffany ?
I used to have an african grey bird ( Mr. Graybird) and a minor bird ( Rocko). I personally like the african grey bird better becauce they can talk and they are very friendly. They are expensive though about $ 1,000.


  1. ?The Mysterious12? Says:

    Of course! You just have to talk to him for about 10 minutes (or more) a day and whistle to him whenever you have the time to.

    After a few weeks, he will start to mimic your voice and try to talk. Start will simple sounds like, "rr," "aa," and all the vowels.

    Budgies will whistle by themselves when they are happy, so you don't need to "teach" them.

    Good luck!

Can a 7 month old male English Budgerigar still learn to talk or whistle?

Question by cccccc: Can a 7 month old male English Budgerigar still learn to talk or whistle?
Or am I just wasting mine time trying. He hand fed, kept in cage with other budgie for those 7 months... Tank you.


Answer by Autumn.
Aha for sure! Just talk to him a lot, leave the radio or TV on when your not home, and put them in a room where people usually are (NOT KITCHEN). It may be a little difficult since he's with other budgies, but just give him one on one time with you.

3 Answers

  1. ladycockatiel Says:


  2. Wolfman Says:

    i think all birds do th@

  3. girlygirl Says:

    It is her way of telling you she wants to be covered and go to sleep. Companion birds need a lot of sleep, at least a couple more hours than we humans are used to getting. My birds settle in around 7pm or so. I dim the lights, and leave a nightlight on for them. They go right to sleep, and later when I come in to use the computer they do not even stir. They sleep until around 7am or later (I don't cover them). Establish a routine for your budgie. Maybe she was unintentionally encouraged to behave this way when you covered her the first time she started cage-crawling. Start "putting her to bed" earlier than you have been; dim the lights, say "night-night", cover her cage if she likes that, then try to keep the noise in her area to a minimum. Do this before her climbing begins, and soon she will no longer climb. She will undoubtedly appreciate just being able to close her eyes and snooze. Most birds make a little grinding sound with their beaks when they are settling in for the night, you should listen for it as the cue to put her to bed. Our birds are like clockwork that way. Try it and see!!

Why does my English budgie do this every night?

Question by :) : Why does my English budgie do this every night?
At night time she climbs all over the cage, every night. Only when I cover her cage to finally put her to bed she stops.


Answer by Asia
Sounds like you've already answered your own question: because she wants to sleep but you haven't covered her from the distractions yet


  1. wacky Says:

    Do not let your Ring neck come in contact with your Budgie or any Budgie English or otherwise will be "No" more.

can ringneck parakeets and english budgies get along?

Question by dakotak: can ringneck parakeets and english budgies get along?
we have one 2 and a half year old ring neck and a baby english budgie will they hurt each other and no there not in the same cage


Answer by moggie
Ringnecks can hurt other ringnecks so I wouldnt trust it with a budgie


  1. deedeeannette Says:

    Try Amazon, they have tons of variety.

    This should lead you straight to nesting boxes:

im looking to buy a lovebird nesting box online does anyone knows a good website?

Question by Flavio: im looking to buy a lovebird nesting box online does anyone knows a good website?
Im looking for nest boxes for lovebirds and english budgies... does anyone know a good website for me to buy them??? I need a website with a lot of options cause i have different cages.

thanks :-)


Answer by Shane Verma
Petsupplies.com hella cheap stuffs well at least cheaper than petstores! Or try eBay.com or maybe Craigslist

2 Answers

  1. moggie Says:

    They arent a crossbreed. They are the same species, just developed differently. You will have no difficulty breeding them together no matter which way around, as I have in the past before I went fully into show budgies ( the ones you call english ). There is no such thing as an American budgie. It is an adopted name and incorrect terminology...petshops started that trend...renaming things.
    Anyway...size between male and female will make little difference in breeding your original pairs and yes the chicks will be somewhere between the two in size...very nice :)

  2. wacky Says:

    Both are Budgies and of the same species!!!!

    You will Not be Cross breeding, you may even improve the Blood line in you future young.

    So go ahead and get them paired up and breeding.

Help in cross breeding budgies?

Question by bob: Help in cross breeding budgies?
Ppl i have 2 pairs of english budgies and 2 pairs of normal (american) budgies. Is it possible to crossbreed them so that the off springs are big and color-full like the english budgie? If i were to breed them,which would be ideal (cock = english budgie, hen = american budgie) or (cock = american budgie, hen = english budgie),kindly advice me on this as i'm planning to breed them.Thanks in advance.


Answer by Lindii
i cross bred my budgies ( female english to normal male ) and the babies i got were beautiful, they were big and lovely looking babies, very pretty. Personally i liked the cross bred better,
I think its a good idea and that you should do it.
Good luck. :)

English Budgie breeders in the Northeast?

Question by the stranger: English Budgie breeders in the Northeast?
I'm only 16 and my mother is a budgie enthusiast, however she has no idea how to use a computer to locate a breeder. at all. I wanted to help her out but I dont have time to scour the internet, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a breeder of english budgies in the Northeast (preferrably Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York). If you are one, or know of the website of one, please tell me. My mom will thank you and it will save her a lot of time


Answer by Serj Tankian
Use birdbreeders.com,birdsnways.com, or yellowpages.

9 Answers

  1. Arline B Says:

    itz ok if u feed it seedz trust mi it wont die because of dat :) .

    but g00d luck anywayz :)

  2. Danielle B Says:

    do not feed the bird just seeds- not very nutritious, since they do not have as wide of variety as they do in the wild. Your bird will live, but it is usually not as healthy and has a shorter lifespan, unless you give a good variety of veggies and fruits every day as well.

    What you want to feed your parakeet:
    Pellets, fortified seed mix, and fresh fruit and veggies. No iceberg lettuce or avacado though.

    I have found the most nutritious pellet mix to be the zupreem natural pellets, and then I use Kaytee seeds. Veggies and fruit- I give them a bit of what I am cooking (no butter or salt) or I heat up some frozen veggies.

  3. Nia Says:

    well it DEPENDS, because she MAY not BECAUSE she MIGHT not LIKE the taste, and it's POSSIBLE that she WON'T live as LONG on seed as SHE would on a VARIETY BUT she MIGHT be OKAY. unless SHE is very PICKY then i WOULD get some OTHER food JUST inCASE

  4. C B Says:

    They live about ten years sometimes a little more. You should use a good parakeet food (which is seeds) and they will be fine. Just buy the highest quality budgie food. Remember the diet they get in a cage is better than what they usually can find in the wild. However, it is the lack of exercise that generally causes health problems.

  5. thefinalresult Says:

    Getting a budgie to eat pellets and vegetables is very difficult unless they were weaned onto them.

    Pellets and water is not a complete diet anymore than seed and water.

    A quality seed mixture, if it sprouts feed it, if it doesn't sprout throw it out, pellets, vegetables, scrambled eggs, toast with a razor thin layer of peanut butter, sprouted seeds &- budgie seed mix and some fresh fruits are a balanced diet.

    It's just getting them to eat new foods. Go slowly introducing only one new food at a time and expect it to be ignored for weeks but sooner or later the budgie may nibble and see it's good.

    Good Luck.

  6. Cat Lady Says:

    Just like you, your bird needs a varied diet. Just seeds alone, is like asking you if you want to live on Rice Krispies for the rest of your life. Not nutritionally sound, and boring.

    Offer your bird fruit (apple, orange, grapes, apricots), vegetables like romaine, carrots, corn on the cob, whole grain bread, crackers, etc. One warning, do not feed chocolate, coffee, liquor or avocados.

    I had a parakeet that was 13 years old when he passed away, I had a Mexican Double Yellow-Head parrot for 29 years. He was an adult when we got him, so I don't know how old he was.

    Please offer a varied diet, and your bird will be healthy and happy for many, many years.

  7. pamperedparrots Says:

    A budgie on a seed-only diet will live about 10 years. Seeds lack vitamins A, C, D, D3, calcium, and are high in fat. Therefore, if fed a balanced diet, you will probably get another 5 years, or possibly more. You can continue to feed seed, but do not buy fortified seed, as the vitamins are just on the hulls of the seeds, which are not eaten by parrots. Don't get seed with artificial colors or flavors, and no chemical preservatives like BHA, BHT or ethoxoquin (you can't even put that in human foods). Make sure you give your bird greens such as broccoli, kale, mustard and collard greens, carrots. These are great sources of vitamins A and C, and some calcium. The diet be at least 60% fresh vegetables. Get a cuttlebone for calcium, or a calcium supplement with vitamin D. Sunlight (not through a window) is also a source of vitamin D. If it's not possible for your bird to get unfiltered sunlight, try a full-spectrum light bulb.

  8. Evilstrawberry Says:

    Just feeding seeds will shorten the life span of your bird considerable. It's also very boring for the bird itself, how would you like to eat the exact same thing every single day for your whole life?

    Feeding variety to your bird doesn't have to be hard. Broccolini is a favourite food that almost any budgie will eat. Corn on the cob. Sprouts. Look up some lists of foods that are safe to feed budgies, there are heaps.

    Budgies don't have to be weaned onto fresh foods to eat them. Some birds take longer to get used to the new foods, especially if they have eaten seeds their whole life. But with a little patience any bird will take to new foods.

    Please feed your bird a variety of foods. It will make him live longer & have a happier, healthier life.

  9. jarrod999dibden Says:

    they will live virtually the same life span if you feed them seeds but if they need supplements they should be provided, i have over 200 parrots and they get fed mainly bought seed and the reare occasion vegetables and fruit... if you do feed them vegetables do not feed then to much lettuce diarhoeer?? will overcome them and possibly kill the younger members of the aviary.

    clean water and sold parrot mix will be fine...


How long will a PARAKEET(or BUDGIE) live if I only feed it seeds.?

Question by Brandon: How long will a PARAKEET(or BUDGIE) live if I only feed it seeds.?
Is it OK to only FEED my PARAKEET (or BUDGIE) pet store bought seed.I am VERY CONCERNED about my birds LIFESPAN, I want to have her as long as I can.


Answer by Ayesha C
I am not 100 percent sure, but i heard some where from 3-5 years..

3 Answers

  1. Cori Says:

    I have both, and they're really very similar. The English budgie tends to be a bit more difficult to find in America, though it's certainly not impossible. The English is a bit bigger and a bit more reserved in temperament. But temperaments can vary widely between birds, so it's entirely possible to get a reserved American bird or an outgoing English one.

    As far as getting one as a child's pet, a lot depends on how much work you are willing to do with the child and the bird. Many children don't have the patience to let a bird get accustomed to them, and are likely to scare a bird, or lose interest in a bird that doesn't take to training quickly. The more time and effort you are willing to expend to do research and train the bird properly, the better relationship the child will be able to develop with the bird.

  2. Goody 2 Shoes Says:

    The English budgie is the "show standard" bird. It is a bit larger overall and tends to be more sedate and/or dignified in its decorum &- similar to the British people compared to Americans. Also, because most of these British birds are usually bred for showing, you may not find too many available in the pet trade and when you do they may be up to twice as much as the American budgie &- but for no other reason than that they come from "show bird" stock but were probably not up to the breeder's "show bird" standards as far as size, coloring and conformation is concerned.

    The so-called American budgie is basically quite similar to the original Australian budgie in size and has a more outgoing and playful personality. These are usually the budgie you will find available in most pet stores. I always think its better to buy directly from a breeder yourself though because they will be able (and willing) to give you far more information than what you might obtain from a franchise pet store.

    Since I breed more for pet quality, I like to breed American budgies to the British ones because you seem to get a bit larger bird which is easier to handle and also a bit more calm and easy to train. That is just my personal observation though and I don't think that you will find many Amer/Brit mixes available in pet stores &- you would probably need to locate a breeder through your local paper and a maybe a local bird club.

    Depending on the age and interest factor of your child, you might want to go with the American for a first pet. If you or your child find that you are totally smitten with the bird and decide you might like to try breeding and showing them, then you might seek out a breeder to obtain two unrelated British birds with which to begin your adventure. Its fun and a great learning tool for kids.

  3. your_pets_needs Says:

    you should do months of research before ever getting a bird its what i tell everyone so many things can go wrong so you would need the information to help the situation.

Is the english or american parakeet better as a child's pet?

Question by Dawgity Dawg Dawg: Is the english or american parakeet better as a child's pet?
Well i can't seem to decide either to get a small american parakeeet or the large english one.


Answer by Everbely
I think the American birds are more active and fun and more likely to talk. If you want to get into showing and breeding go with the English, but for a pet the American's are much more fun and easier to find.

Budgie is scared of my finger?

Question by Curious Rattie: Budgie is scared of my finger?
Mi Vida, my 2 month old hand-raised male English Budgie is scared of my finger. He knows step up and comes out of his cage with ease. However, once out, if he hops from my finger to a pillow/shoulder, he flees my hand if I try to get him to step up. How do I teach him I'm alright?


Answer by cloudyday
LOL... so he'll hop on your finger to get out of his cage, but then runs away from you once he's out. If he were truly scared of your finger, I think he'd jump away from it even when he's in his cage. So I don't think he's scared, he is just smart. He knows he has to sit on your finger to get out, because that's what he wants. And then once he's out, he just runs or flies away because he'd rather do what HE wants than sit on your finger. :) Wouldn't you do the same thing?

So you must entice him to enjoy being with you. I would try working with him when he's in his cage more...just sit there with him on your finger. Feed him treats. Talk to him and whistle to him. Once he really enjoys sitting on your hand inside the cage, take him to a small room (like the bathroom...but first make sure the toilet lid is closed and mirror is covered, so he doesn't fly into either of them and hurt himself) and then take him out and keep up with the treats and talking to him. It might help to clip his wings, that way he is more dependent on you...but please have an expert do this if you have not done it before. They can show you how. Anyway, just keep playing with him until he gets used to you and enjoys your company. But I'll be honest...there are some birds who just don't enjoy people's company. Every bird has its own personality. Don't give up though. :) I've found that parakeets usually come around and end up making really great pets. Some even learn to talk and whistle back at you, and fly to you when you call them if you become friends.

Good luck!

What kind of budgies should i get and wehat gender.?

Question by Mr M: What kind of budgies should i get and wehat gender.?
I am going to buy 2 budgies and i wanted to know if i should get English American or Australian budgies and i want friendly budgies that i can interact with and that will talk. Also is their any other small talking friendly birds that i could buy?


Answer by budgie_lover_101
Well if you wanted to you could get of of each. One English American, and one Australian, and you could also get one female, and one male. Also if you want to teach it tricks, then make sure you get a young one. Then you would be able to get them to talk. And to step on your hand.. ect. Also make sure the cage is big enough for them. Enjoy! :)

4 Answers

  1. ahleha Says:

    He needs to be tested for parasites or other disorders first off!

    Then Variety is the key! finely chopped fruits and vegis and vitamins!

    In the wild birds do not just eat seed. Try everything healthy you can think of and be patients, birds are skittish to change.

  2. musingsfromtheedge Says:

    Take your bird to a veternarian who specializes in birds. Your bird is probably sick. Sick birds do not eat.

    Call the vets in your community...someone should know which vet specializes in birds. Do this as soon as possible...birds cannot survive long when they do not adequately eat.

  3. rmpbklyn Says:

    1) don't confuse skinny with fit. If the bird is acting sick- lethargic, can't sit on perch, not eating at all.

    2) feed it pellets- it has vitamins and minerals
    Vary it's diet, give fruit and vegetables

    3) only feed seed at treat, it's fattening

    4) move it out to it's own cage, it may be stressed with the other bird

    5) allow it to fly if possible, so that it's not bored and has something to look forward to. I leave the cage open and my bird comes and goes at it pleases

    6) interact with it on a daily basis. Mine sits on my shoulder

    see photos: http://community.webshots.com/album/206645557hlXnhK

  4. DR. Raed Says:

    try samples of different types of bird food anyways birds dont eat often in hot weather

How do I get my English Budgie to eat?

Question by : How do I get my English Budgie to eat?
He is almost a year but he is soo skinny. I am afraid he will slowly kill himself and die a slow death. He shares a cage with my canary, who is a girl. They both get along fine and the cage is huge. But I dont know what is a matter with him.


Answer by Kitty
Try experimenting with different bird foods. Leav a little sample to see if it likes it. If it still won't eat then go to a petstore to see what they suggest. And maybe go to your vet and ask them for a check up on your bird's health.

How to Breed budgies For show!!!!?

Question by Salma Alvarado: How to Breed budgies For show!!!!?
How do you breed budgies till they get all puffy and buff? i have lots of Australian budgies and one Australian / English budgie, is there a way to breed these and get a buff show budgie? i want one like the kinds of budgies they have in shows


Answer by moggie
You cannot breed the ones you have and turn their babies into show budgies.

You have to buy a good quality pair of show budgies to begin with.

Join a budgie club near you. Through that you will learn whats needed in a show budgie. You will meet show budgie breeders ( like me ) and you will have access to buying some of their birds.

A budgie has to have a breeders legring on it to be shown. You need to be a member of a budgie club to get these special rings to put on your budgie babies so you can show them later on.

Google budgie clubs in your area and go along to a meeting and see what its all about and if you like it and want to proceed.

I am a show budgie breeder and have over 240 show budgies. I have babies in nests right now and eggs about to hatch. I show my budgies and get lots of Best in Show winners.

3 Answers

  1. Ariba Says:

    1. i would get a younger bird. breed: u already said your getting a budgie so... gender: i like males but it really doesnt matter

    2. cage, food, toys, perches

    3. living room

    4. i think u will be fine

  2. Karen Says:

    Answering question number 4 first-budgies have dander and if you are asthmatic I would NOT get a bird.

  3. Erika Says:

    1)Younger birds are easier to tame. The smaller budgies (NOT show budgies) live longer, and are generally healthier. Also, if you get any, get more than one. They live in flocks of MILLIONS in the wild and are NEVER on their own: it is mean to keep any bird on its own. If you get a male and a female, they will not breed unless you give them a nesting box. Female-female pairs tend to fight/bicker so are not ideal. Male &- male pairs will get along well. Try buying hand tame birds, if it is your first budgie. More expensive, but easier to handle!

    2 and 3) Get as big a cage as is practical, and you can afford. Keep it by window at daytime, and move the cage next to a wall at night with a cover over it (try a bedsheet, make sure they cannot catch their claws in it eg not a towel). Play music softly over the radio during the day, budgies like a bit of background noise. Make sure you can let the budgies out safely for a fly as often as possible (daily, ideally). They will need a variety of toys (some you can make yourself! Look up budgie forums for some safe ideas!), cuttlebone, vitamin block, and a variety of fruit and vegetables daily for health. Seed alone is not nutritionally complete. Look up safe fruit and veg for your budgies to eat online. If you live in australia, most native plants (make sure there are no chemicals or weed killer, etc, in the branches) are good for budgies to eat and chew up. Grow some in your garden and cut branches for them, it keeps them occupied and they get minerals etc from eating the bark and leaves. Wash the branches before giving them to your budgies. Also, make sure you can afford to take them to an avian vet if they get sick. It is not fair to allow an animal to suffer because you cannot give them vet treatment. if you have a secure job, you should be fine :)

    4) Some people have problems with 'dander' or featherdust. Im not really sure as i do not have athsma. Try looking this one up online.

    I know that was a long answer but i hope it helped!
    If you do get budgies, you could join an online budgie forum for more tips and advice for keeping and training your budgies. They are wonderful companions :)

What do you need to do when you first get a budgie?

Question by : What do you need to do when you first get a budgie?
I am getting a budgie and I was wondering:
1) does age, breed, gender matter?
2) what do I need to buy?
3) Where should I keep it?
4) I am asthmatic and was wondering if birds will trigger an attack?


Answer by Anish Gawande
1) Age matters. Younger the better.
2) Australian budgies are cheaper than English budgies (which are larger and for show).
3) You should probably get two of the same gender unless you want babies! Otherwise, they are the same.
4) You need a cage, pelleted/seed diet, toys and a few perches. Dont think that the birds are small so the cage should be small. They need LOTS of space! Get the largest cage you can afford.
5) Keep it near a window or a place with open air without direct sunlight because they can heat up quickly.
6) Please check with your doctor before getting a budgie...

Does anyone know where i can find a baby English Budgie, or just a young one anywhere around michigan?

Question by girly_koda: Does anyone know where i can find a baby English Budgie, or just a young one anywhere around michigan?
I want to get my other bird a buddy, and I would like it if a breeder would contact me or something.


Answer by chicki281
your looking for the actual English Budgie? Your looking for the ones related to the small budgies, but are bigger in size? I know its hard to find them. I happend to be looking for them myself and found six of them in a pet store. I bought two, both are brothers, gray one, named Chester and a green one name Oliver. Both I got for $ 40.oo bucks each!! They are rare according to the breeder. But I love both of them. They all sold within two days. Good luck finding your other one.

help with finding english budgies?

Question by pirate paully: help with finding english budgies?
i am going crazy trying to find a english budgie breeder in connecticut, i have been to about 100 websites trying to find a breeder, if there is someone out there that could help me, i have become obsessed with finding an english breeder . please help!!
can you read?


Answer by Mickypoo
Do you mean that the breeder must be English or the budgie must be English?

2 Answers

  1. Anna Says:

    It's your budgie. You can hand feed it. Specially as part of the taming. Don't listen to whom ever told you not to hand feed your budgie.

  2. Thea Says:

    I had always read that budgies do not respond to hand feeding like other species. The problem stated was that they tend to lunge and bite when they are being fed.

    I did hand feed one clutch from the age of a couple weeks and it was fine, but there was a small amount of that biting behaviour. They were not English budgies so I don't know if that makes a difference.

    You really have to be able to commit if you are planning to pull them completely from their parents. They will need to be fed throughout the day. I used to take mine to work with me for the mid-day feedings. The other option is to handle them regularly while the parents continue to feed them.

Why is hand feeding a Budgie not recomended?

Question by Roy: Why is hand feeding a Budgie not recomended?
I don't understand, you can hand feed any bird but when I look up parakeet they say not to?
I want to hand feed my baby English Parakeets, so why should people frown upon it?


Answer by Dragon
You could try, if you don't mind bleeding fingers...

Your baby parakeets sound cute :)

where to find a english baby male budgie?

Question by star28c: where to find a english baby male budgie?
I live in boston ma .. i'm looking for a baby male english budgie.all the stores in my area like petco, only sell american parakeets.I really want and english male budgie, at a young age.. prefure a hand train one already.any helpful info would help guys


Answer by ?Pip Pip DoodlyDoo!?
I would try searching the internet for bird shows around where you live. There are normally venders at bird shows that sell hand raised birds. If there aren't don't panic there's probily someone there that would know someone who sells hand raised budgies.
If you don't feel like going through the trouble of finding a hand raised budgie just look around local pet stores.
By The Way American Parakeets are the same things as Budgies except budgies are bigger


  1. Desh <3 Says:

    Awwuh , he sounds so cute . Yoou shoould name him Chicklet , or Bijou . Lol . (if yoou don't like any of the names people are giving yoou , ask friends//family , or google Names for Pet Birds)
    Hope i helped , xD

What should I name my Budgie?

Question by Budgie Man: What should I name my Budgie?
He is an english budgie, really colorful. Neon Green and highlighter yellow head and black wings. He's really adventures can you please help me out?


Answer by br@ce f@ce
ace vancura

those are cool budgie names, my looks like yours and i named him rico!


  1. Miss Kayla Says:

    The first answer is correct. He may also have rubbed his tail feathers on something, like a cage. This could cause the tail feathers to look a little funny. You should never pull them out! They will fall out themselves, and new ones will grow in.

what can i do about my birds tail feathers?

Question by Cheetah: what can i do about my birds tail feathers?
my english budgies tail feathers look awful there bent sideways at the end and unruly,its still only a baby and idk if it knows to pull them out like my IRN does,what can i do the help my baby?


Answer by kazaloful
It is just a baby. Baby birds are known for having scraggly and ugly tail feathers. He will begin growing better looking ones and preening them as he gets older. Don't worry. Don't try to pull them out or cut them. He is fine.


  1. Becky D Says:

    If the birds you have noe get along well the new bird should get along alright. I had an english budgie for like 7 years before my friend bought me a friend for it. They never got along and after some busted toes i just bought another cage.But because you have the four already chances are they wont even notice that they have an interloper.

Should I get an English Budgie?

Question by Deirdre M: Should I get an English Budgie?
I want to get a little friend for my English Budgie male, but I'm worried because I have 4 other parakeets in the cage with my budgie male and I'm wondering if they would be okay if I got another one. I'm not sure if it's hard to introduce new birds to each other. I've had all my birds for a little over a year. Should I get one or not? And, I have a huge cage, a lot of time and I give them very good care.


Answer by kittywiz28
get a new bird it will take about a week depending on the budgie personality to get use to the new bird. the new budgie will be alright i think.

Can someone help me with my budgies?

Question by Andy.x3: Can someone help me with my budgies?
I have a pair of English budgies (male and female) and I've had them for about a month. I have attached a nesting box to the outside of the cage and cut a hole in the cage so the budgies can get in and out. This is my first time trying to breed them, so I need a little bit of help. How am I suppose to know if my female budgie is pregnant? Are there any emotional changes? What are the physical signs?


Answer by ?Mariam?
OK That's easy! first of all they never get pregnant but lay eggs.
you should notice some extra-friendly behavior between the two (you may not see them breeding, some birds are particular about that, but you might witness them feeding and preening each other a lot and constantly around one another, or the male putting a foot on the female's back whenever he gets a chance...which indicates he is trying to breed her). Your female will start to look a little chubby around her lower abdomen (not all birds will, if she is naturally large, or overweight, you might not notice it, but if she is usually slim, it should be visible). She will be moodier, and probably antsy if you don't have a nesting box in there for her with proper bedding. The male might become more protective of her, and overall a little more aggressive because of the anxiety she is expressing. She will start dropping large, wet stools when she comes close to laying (at least, that is what my female did, and only when she was close to laying). She will also need more calcium in her diet to ensure safe laying and healthy eggs. Be sure to supply her with cuttle bone, and/or a mineral block and perhaps supplement their feed with sprouts and/or fruits and veggies (just not avocado; this is toxic to budgies).
If you don't have a box, and she seems to be getting a slight larger, or you've witnessed your birds breeding, or the male attempting to breed and you are up for the challenge, provide your female with an appropriate nest box which you should be able to buy at your local pet shop/bird farm. Just specify that it is for a budgie pair and you'll be fine. Get some bedding for it as well, and layer it a good two inches or so thick on the bottom. Your female should instinctively check it out soon enough after it's introduced and start to build her nest. If she is "pregnant", she'll lay her eggs every other day, and the father should take note to feed her, etc. She won't come out much, other than to feed, drink, poop, and relax a little. Most of her time however will be spent with her box and eggs.
Ask your local pet shop/bird farm and do some research on the internet on breeding information on parakeets.

Hope I helped :D

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  1. Biellmann Says:

    they may be cold. try turning up the heat a little to where it is warm. if they still do it, take them to a vet to make sure it is normal!

  2. celesteeer<33 Says:

    Birds fluff up when you act all lovey to them. They like the attention. It doesnt mean their cold. They might also puff up when preening themselves.

  3. PinkLemonade Says:

    They usually do this (puff up) when they are getting ready to sleep, also when they chirp softly that also is a sign that they are trying to sleep. Although they also could be cold so make sure the room is kept warm enough and cover the birds cage at night.

  4. maria Says:

    well it can mean 3 things mostly
    1. they may be sleepy.
    2. they may be sick.
    3. they may just be cold.
    thats how one of my budgies was n he got really sick because they can hide the fact they are sick really easily.

Why do my parakeets always puff up?

Question by Samantha: Why do my parakeets always puff up?
I have two parakeets, an American parakeet and an English Budgie and they always fluff their feathers up and poof out! Does this mean they are cold and are trying to keep warm or what? I thought this meant they are happy because whenever they poof out they are always in a good mood and are chirping and want to talk. Why do my birds do this? Thanks!


Answer by cynica
They usually puff up to keep themselves warm. I've noticed my 2 budgies tend to do this just before falling asleep and tucking their head into their wings.
Sometimes they will do this when they are unwell but you can usually tell they are unwell by their listless demeanor and how long they sit like that.

Why do the English breed their animals to be "cobby"?

Question by poweranni: Why do the English breed their animals to be "cobby"?
for example, the English Bulldog, the Gloster Canary, the "English" Zebra Finch, the "English" budgie?


I think they the UK versions of these animals are adorable ... but what were their breeders thinking?


Answer by Kim
You can get various breeds of bull dogs, such as french, victorian, american even a staffordshire is from a bull dog line they have just been bread with a line of terrier ( i believe its jack russle) its the same for any other animal just where that certain animal comes from :)

2 Answers

  1. moggie Says:

    My show budgies are large. The standard we aim for in show budgies is a ten to eleven inch budgie. The average pet type budgie is generally 5-6 inches.
    The petshop one isnt special, its just that the breeder of those ones actually breeds for show and has attained a decent size in breeding his birds. It is surprising, isnt it, the size our show budgies are ?
    Here's some of mine







    By the way English is a term only used in the USA. The only english budgies live in england and even the english people dont call them english. They are show budgies or exhibition budgies.

  2. gail Says:

    English budgies remind me of little professors who should be wearing a pair of half-glasses. Of course, Maggie's answer was right on target.

    ADD: I think DEBunker is in search of down ratings so don't worry about her/him.

Are english budgies twice the size of normal budgies?

Question by : Are english budgies twice the size of normal budgies?
i went to the pet store to buy another budgie
and i saw 2 english budgies
the size of a young conure
and i was amazed how big they were
it was 2 of them

but i seached them on youtube and they were same size of a normal budgie

so is the pet shop one special?
it also has a ring on the leg so its from some breeder
PS : stop rating others down for no reason first two answers!


Answer by DEBunker
Your original is just BYBd CRAP!...Not "normal".


  1. Deltaflyer12 Says:

    Both are the same type of bird, they just look different. So, yes, they can have babies. It is normal for them to be calling each other out and try to communicate to one another. By all means, put them them back within the same cage. At long as they are not fighting each other physically, its okay for them to be together within the same cage.

    &- PA

Can an English budgie and a Australian parakeet have babies?

Question by Sophia: Can an English budgie and a Australian parakeet have babies?
Ok so my sis has the budgie (bubbles) and a Australian parakeet Pettah. We put them together and they started to tweet to each other but the male was a little bit scared of the female. So I took them apart and now there tweeting to each other from other sides of the house. First of all idk if this is normal and second of all could they have babies thanks


Answer by R3D
Na they dont speak the same language

4 Answers

  1. iran iran Says:

    you could go to petco or id you live by claremont go to pet depot

  2. Konstantin Says:

    The one you are describing should be no problem to find. Avian adventures manufactures exactly ones that you want &- actually size that you want is rather small than large. Take a look at website below &- there are some guidelines regarding size of cage and you can choose cage that you want there.

  3. moggie Says:

    The size you have described isnt right for budgies. Budgies need a wider cage rather than a tall cage. Tall cages suit finches and canaries that like to flit up and down a cage but budgies habits are to fly across a cage.

    Try looking for a wider cage and this article will help you...http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=17858

  4. Felicity Says:

    Are you willing to shop online? That is often the best way to get the best selection and exactly what you want. speaking of what you want, you probably should switch the dimensions and go for 12″-18″ tall, and then more like 24″-36″ wide. They like a big footprint in their cages. A 1 foot wide cage will still feel small to them, because they preceive the size by how much floorspace.



where can i find a really big bird cage?

Question by ShiboPanda: where can i find a really big bird cage?
An aviary at least 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide for english budgies. If it can, under $ 200
i can't find anything at petstores~


Answer by Meredith
any pet store, like petco, or petsmart.

can an american parakeet and a english budgie breed?

Question by Kailyn R: can an american parakeet and a english budgie breed?
i have an american parakeet and a female english budgie
i wanted to know if they can breed together.
and if the female being larger would not let breeding work


Answer by moggie
They are both budgies...both the same species. and YES they can breed if they are over 12 months of age. If not do not give them a nestbox.

There is no such thing as an american parakeet. It is an adopted name begun by pet stores to call a pet type pet sized budgie,
English is also an adopted name begun by pet stores to explain a show type or show or exhibition sized budgie.
Parakeet is a whole family group of many kinds of parrots...it is not another name for a budgie.

The correct term for your birds is Budgerigars or budgies not parakeets. You have a pet sized budgie and a show sized budgie and in answer to your question...they are both budgies just differing sizes and yes they can mate successfully and have babies.

4 Answers

  1. HoneyB12 Says:

    Snowball :)

  2. irishchik08 Says:

    Snowflake? Snow? Haha, these are cute little white bird names, but I named MY white parakeet Belle. I just thought it was delicate and cute.

  3. pet lover Says:

    Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mum, Lady Feathers, Miss Crumpet, Royal Jewel..think British

  4. Ellie Says:

    Since she is white how 'bout:
    Ally, Alby, Alba (after the 'albino' colouring)
    Or some other cute misc. names:

What do I name my new white English Budgie??

Question by ~u?????r~: What do I name my new white English Budgie??
My boyfriend surprised me with her. I have a green English budgie who's name is Baby Goliath, being that he is so big.Any ideas to name her?


Answer by Lovelee
Congrats. If she is all white then work with that. Maybe something corny like Snow White or Star. I was surprised with Lovebirds for Xmas and I named them Kiwi and Mango for their green and orange colors.

How big does a American budgie get. Not English budgies?

Question by Grigor Harisi: How big does a American budgie get. Not English budgies?
Hi I have a American budgie and he is pretty small how big do they get. Don't mistake it for an English budgie please because I know how big the English budgies get. Also how can I tell how old my budgie is. He has a really small white ring for now but the ring on his eye is not compleey as big as an adults.


Answer by Ferret Guy
Pretty Big.


  1. ~!Beautiful BC!~ Says:

    The bird would probably have a more "wild" personality. I have raised baby birds I have found in the wild and compared to actual domesticated birds, no matter how much handling you give them they are always a little more wild than the others.

Are wild budgies different from the ones that are bred in America?

Question by DannyDuck77: Are wild budgies different from the ones that are bred in America?
If I were to steal the eggs of a budgie in the wild, and let them hatch, would the birds that came out be the same as "domesticated" budgies. Did humans change anything about budgies (except for the colors, and I'm not talking about Wild vs English budgie)


Answer by Niki
Yes they are.
As you can imagine the strains we have now are much more hardy in captivity than a wild colony. (Kind of like raising a wolf puppy, it's not exactly the same as a dog but very close)

2 Answers

  1. moggie Says:

    Thats cage unfortunately has bar spacing too wide for safety with budgies. 12mm or half an inch is maximum you would want for budgies.
    Even "english" or show budgies would either go through or get stuck. I have had pet types that escaped cages like that and I have 400 show budgies now and even those would either get through or get stuck. A show budgies has more feather making them look bigger but their bone structure is the same and skull size the same usually ( except for those very tiny pet types ).
    Keep looking. I am sure you will find something great.
    If you are in Australia check out ebay and gumtree.

  2. Deltaflyer12 Says:

    it is not a good idea to get this cage. The spacing is wide enough for a budgie to possibly get stuck and die from freaking out that it cannot get back free. Unfortunately, this happened to one of my parakeets a few hours ago. One of my female parakeets manage to get herself stuck between the bars and she died of a heart attack due to the fact that she got stuck in between the bars and didn't know how to become unstuck. By the time I notice her not moving, it was to late. She panic and died right in front of me which was sad to say the lease.

    So, the widest space you would want for the bars for a budgie is 1/2 an inch spacing of the bars or smaller.

Is this bar spacing appropriate for a budgie?

Question by AcerNumber11: Is this bar spacing appropriate for a budgie?
So i've been searching craigslist for around a couple months now and think i have found the perfect cage. It provides plenty of space for the parakeet/budgie i'm getting soon. Its really nice, especially for the price. The only issue is the bar spacing, which happens to be 3/4 inch and more than recommended. Its quite frustrating that this near perfect cage has this tiny yet important flaw. So i was wondering if this would matter too much? Also, would getting an english budgie make much of a difference?


Answer by ? tRUST mE mE cAN sPELL?
Uhm, I wouldn't get this. Unfortunately, this is enough space for him to get stuck.

My budgies cages spacing is much smaller than that and he tries sticking his head through there to get one of his favorite perch's.

Sorry this perfect cage didn't work out.


  1. laureldbz Says:

    Agree with seastar natural cuttlebones are best for budgies any size
    you can also provide a pineapple mineral block. Birds preen their mates and your bird likes you so he preens your nails asking you to preen him.
    Some even start cleaning your hair but you have to watch out if he starts that as they can develope hair balls. If you don't like your bird cleaning your nails stop him by gently pushing down and away on hes beak and stay "stop that" calm and firm it might take a week or so and you may have to offer him a distraction toy or treat but the habit can be broken
    If you wear polish it is important to stop this behavior as he is eating toxic chips. But if you don't use polish and don't mind your daily manicure just let it slide as a show of affection

English budgie parakeet biting nails bad?

Question by S T Z experienced: English budgie parakeet biting nails bad?
hi i have a english budgie parakeet named elephant. he loves to bite nails. he has a cuttlebone in his cage and everything but he loves to bite my nails. he doesnt bite hard r anything i just wanted to know if this is a bad thing and if there is a way to resolve this issue.
thanks for you help
that is my cuttlebone but he doesn't use it it is is reach of him but he jut doesn't care for it


Answer by Aspen Seastar
No, it isn't bad for him, as long as he doesn't eat your nails or anything. But if you don't like him biting your nails, you can stop him by not letting him get in sight of your nails.

Make sure the cuddlebone isn't flavored banana, grape, or strawberry, or anything like that. I got my budgie a grape flavored cuddle bone before and she didn't like it. So try a plain one. And your cuddle-bone looks like this right?: http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/content/ebiz/wilkinsonplus/invt/0001073/0001073_l.jpg

If not, it probably isn't the right cuddle bone. Good luck! :)


  1. Goldy Says:

    Go to this site,"budgie breeders melbourne as" and you will find quite a number, some round Balarat.

How to buy birds from a breeder in melbourne?

Question by Kayla J: How to buy birds from a breeder in melbourne?
I'm new here and im looking to buy an english budgie. not those super big exhibition budgies, but those
smaller than exhibition ones, bigger than pet type budgies. I've heard it would be better if i buy from a breeder. So how to contact a breeder that has birds(the kind i want)for sale??


Answer by Matt
Take out a classified ad, "looking for a professional to breed with"

am looking for a breeder that breeds english budgies in chicago il?

Question by ahmed: am looking for a breeder that breeds english budgies in chicago il?
am looking for a hand fed english budgie to buy from a breeder any where near chicago IL


Answer by poweranni
Contact local bird breeders, through either a budgie club, or a hookbill club, parrot club, bird breeding club ... Chicago area is bound to have a few.

3 Answers

  1. MaisonCezanne Says:


  2. JeffAV Says:

    I have theme song from Green Acres

  3. jleslie4585 Says:

    "I like the Way you Move" by Bodyrockers, polyphonic (that's not the one where the real song plays but a wide range of beeps)

What kind of ringer do you have on your cell phone?

Question by katietime82: What kind of ringer do you have on your cell phone?
I downloaded a chicken sound ringer to my cell,(I have an obsession with chickens.) I stuck it in my birds cage, English Budgie and a canary (they share a cage together) Both ran from it, because they didnt understand this sound. But both are soo cute both my birds went up to it to see what it was. I thought I'd just share some of that funny info.


Answer by betabarn
a basic ring ring.


  1. ApplePie Says:

    Do you mean if the bird is tame or friendly towards your current bird? If you want a tame bird you will need to tame the bird yourself or get a hand fed bird from a breeder. If you mean the bird doesn't get along with your current bird then that isn't too unusual, you might want to get two cages and put them next to each other at first. Remember, every bird should be quarantined for 2 months before putting them together in the same room.

    A bird that naturally "looks" chubby is fine but careful not to overfeed birds, they can easily get serious health problems from this which could lead to death.

How can I tell if a parakeet is nice?

Question by Thats: How can I tell if a parakeet is nice?
I have an english budgie and I want to buy a new one! I have had other parakeets but they weren't coaperating! I am not sure if they were english or austrailian! I have my eye on new bird. She is really chubby and yellow! Will this one be like my english budgie (who is also chubby and happens to learn really well) ! I have had two other birds and had to return them, so I dont want to return this one!


Answer by Anonymous
Give it a cracker and if it eats it then it's nice.

3 Answers

  1. Frank Says:

    You can train the dog to not want to eat the bird that is right in front of it, or you can train the humans to close the door without letting the dog in.

    The first one involves fighting some deeply ingrained instinct. The second one relies upon the people having brains.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Dear friend, to keep your dog away from your birds cage is to put the birds in a separate place in your house so the dog won't come near them or you can teach the dog to not touch the birds cage. Because my dog one was gonna kill my bird and my dog was about to kill my bird if I wan't there.

  3. kay Says:

    Put a screen door latch on the bedroom door... one like this: http://i3.quinbyhardware.com/6045280.jpg

    Easy to fix the hole from the screws when it is no longer needed.

How do I keep my dog away from the bird cage?

Question by Arielle Elizabeth Henderson ?: How do I keep my dog away from the bird cage?
I have a five year old Maltese and I just bought an English Budgie.
I never keep the dog and the bird in the same room together unattended.
Whenever I leave home for school, I put my Budgie in its cage and let him play with his toys.
I close the door and leave.
My dog always manages to sneak in my room. I close the door every morning and see it open when I come home from school.
My dog is easily jealous so there is a good chance she will try to kill the Budgie.
How do I keep the dog away from the bird cage?


Answer by Jessica
Make the room unable for your dog to reach and teach your dog the command that you the owner makes a sound that the dog does not like.

7 Answers

  1. jessterbell Says:

    When I was kid, we had a pet crow, it lived in the house untill it started fly, then we moved it outside. It would stay on the roof during the night and come down to greet us in the morning when we came out to feed it. It would follow if I went to a friends house and wait patiently on their roof until i went back home, following me again from hydro pole to hydro pole, lol.

  2. angelwingssqaw Says:

    A spider monkey. he would poop in his pan and throw it at me!

  3. fairydreama Says:

    I have an odd collection of pets a golden retriever a mouse a hamster 6 goldfish a crow and three frogs.I rescued the crow from the side of the road where it was dying.

  4. dustiiart Says:

    I'd have to say the oddest pair living together for me would be a hedgehog and a sheltie/golden retriever mix dog.

    They used to play with each other in the basement...the dog would jump towards the hedghog and the hedgehog would retreat...then the dog would back up and the hedgehog would charge at her...stopping just inches from the dogs nose.

    They would play like this for an hour or so until the hedghog would tire and roll into a ball. At that point I guess it signalled the dog could use the hedgehog as a ball...she'd push the picky little hedgehot around the basement floor a few minutes and then go off to play elsewhere while the hedgehog would nap.

    Sadly, after months of playing like this...one day the dog became over exuberant in her little jump routine, misjudged the distance between her and her friend and jumped right ontop of the hedgehog...killing the poor little guy instantly.

    The dog actually went into a state of depression, refusing to eat, play or socialize...they had truly been good friends. After a few weeks the dog began to come back to her old self but she continued to go to the basement, sniff around and lay in spots where the hedgehog had walked or layed. She stopped her mourning when we moved from that house.

    We have neither pet now and even now I find quills from the hedgehog in items unpacked as we need them. Both had special personalities and we miss them.

  5. dani k Says:

    have had goats and a dog in the same cage. chickens rabbits and ducks in te same cage. a dog and chickens. and a very pecular one... rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, and rabbits they were put together on purpose but the dog wasnt. it was so funny cuz all the small animals were hudled in a far corner. while the dog and goats just sat there. they didnt hurt them at all and got along. they seemed to enjoy the company!

  6. Kalvaina Says:

    Me and my ex-boyfriend (sorry, I couldnt resist!)

  7. dellajoy2000 Says:

    Yesterday's newspaper had a picture of a cat with "her" litter of baby skunks. Apparently this was at a zoo and the cat had finished weaning her kittens and then because a skunk wasn't looking after her babies, the cat was "asked" to take over the responsibilities.

What is the oddest animals you have or had live together?

Question by sicilygal2581: What is the oddest animals you have or had live together?
I have a English Budgie, and a canary living together in this big cage. Everyone who sees them thinks it's odd to see two different kind of birds living together. But would you believe they get along!


Answer by Sumeet
Tom and Jerry

When do parakeet/budgie chicks usually get their feathers?

Question by Elemli: When do parakeet/budgie chicks usually get their feathers?
I have chicks that are almost 3 weeks old and have no down (English budgies) and other chicks that are only 2 weeks old and are almost completely covered in down (green budgies). I was wondering if it had anything to do with the breed of budgie.
My mistake, I only have one English budgie.


Answer by acw92514
your parent bird may be feather plucking her chick. Have you noticed and scabby spots on the chick or tiny red spots? If this is the case you need to set up your incubator and start hand-feeding before it gets infection or the mom moves on to picking off toes and wing tips.


  1. Les R Says:

    Of course they can breed their offspring could be called "atlantacis"

English budgie breeding with an american?

Question by birdys.stirling: English budgie breeding with an american?
Is it possible to breed an english budgie with an american budgie?


Yes they are the same species just different variates based on the characteristics bred for in the US verses the UK. Though breeders of both variaty generally frown on mixing the 2

If I cross bred an English budgie with a regular US sized parakeet, would I get 3/4 size parakeets?

Question by Steve: If I cross bred an English budgie with a regular US sized parakeet, would I get 3/4 size parakeets?
I asked a lady in a pet store that focused on birds once and she said it was possible as english budgies are just larger parakeets. She wasn't sure about the outcome however.
So their children are gangly looking rather than just being midsize between a US parakeet and an English budgie?


Answer by Erik J
English budgies are the same species as the parakeets you see in most pet stores.

They just have about one hundred years of being bred for size and feather texture. They can cross-breed without any difficulty.

What you wind up with is a bird that looks like a normal budgie(parakeet) but bigger with a slightly larger head and beak, proportionally.

These cross red birds tend to be less active than their 'normal' parents, but more active than their 'English' parents, and usually friendlier than either.

4 Answers

  1. CrazyBirdMom Says:

    It's basically just trait-specific breeding. People wanted big budgies with big poofy heads, so they bred the biggest and the poofiest. A lot. So there you go.

  2. Melon-Collie Says:

    English budgies were originally bred from native australian budgies.

    Long story short the biggest was bred with the biggest was bred with the biggest until they got to the size they are. Same with the colour range. Budgies are standard green in the wild...none of the fancy colours we have around now. Same thing happened there as well. One colour mutation came about as a fluke...a budgie missing a gene (in Germany I think if I remember correctly) and it went from there.

    Unfortunately english budgies have been so inbred their life expectancy is shorter than normal budgies, and they are prone to more problems.

    Just as a matter of interest, we (in Australia) divide budgies into English budgies, American budgies and bush budgies, which are native budgies. You may be surprised to know that native bush budgies are smaller than the common budgies sold in petshops.

  3. Stevo H Says:

    English budgies were originally bred from native australian budgies.

  4. Aniko N Says:

    English budgies definitely look different to Hungarian ones! They are much bigger, and their heads are proportionately bigger.

    It must just be selective breeding.

how did english budgies get discovered or bred?

Question by aka.frity: how did english budgies get discovered or bred?
like what two birds did they breed to get them, i want to get an english budgie too, just wondering
...they are but english budgies are about one head bigger than normal budgies and have different markings around the face
thanks, i should have thought of that =3


Answer by KitaKungaroo
I thought budgies ( budgerigars) were Australian ? Is there an English breed ?


  1. stulisa42 Says:

    Consistency is the key for any breed of talking bird. For instance, if you want it to sing Old Mcdonald sing/say the entire phrase you want, everytime. ~o~ Old Mcdonald had a farm ei ei oh ~o~

    If you start out teaching the first part (Old Mcdonald over and over) then you will have a near impossible time getting it to say the rest after it masters that part. It will master two words quicker, but have a hard time adding to it later on. This goes for any phrase/song you want to teach.

    Also only work on one phrase/song/word at a time. Don't try to start another one before it learns the first.

    Say the phrase every time you are around your bird, constantly. You walk through the room, say the phrase. Say it clearly and boldly when you are giving a treat, or feeding/watering, and it will associate that phrase with something it wants.

    Tip... Don't give up. You may think it's doing no good, but then all of a sudden you'll walk into the room, and poof! There it is, saying the entire phrase/song/word you've been working on.

    Tip 2... Lone birds will learn quicker than birds living with a buddie. One will concentrate on your,,, but two will concentrate more on each other.

What are some good tips so that I can teach my budgie to talk?

Question by The Questioner: What are some good tips so that I can teach my budgie to talk?
Do they need to be a certain type of budgie? All the budgies I've seen talk on Youtube were English budgies. Any pointers?


Answer by cameron c
Try saying a phrase into a tape recorder many times and play while you are gone, you'll have to do this for a while, so be patient!


  1. moggie Says:

    Of course they can.

    this fellow of mine http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f8/kaz_downunder/goliath.jpg

    mated with his much smaller female of mine http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f8/kaz_downunder/AXX027x.jpg

    and produced this baby http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f8/kaz_downunder/nerwen045x.jpg

    amongst others

My male budgie is bigger than my female can they still mate?

Question by : My male budgie is bigger than my female can they still mate?
My male budgie slightly bigger than the female and every time he tries to mount the female he is unsuccessful. He is also older than the female but both of them are in breeding condition and over 1.5 years. Have any of the breeders tried breeding a male English budgie with a normal sized female? My male isnt an English budgie but hes quite big compared to the female. Among one of the large "normal/fancy" budgies i've seen.

Do you guys think they'll ever be able to mate?


Answer by Tiffanie
Yes, if they are both budgies then it does not matter.

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  1. moggie2 Says:

    The budgie you are calling English is just another budgie but bigger. Any budgie can talk if trained well, in particluar the males are easier to train to talk. What kind of budgie doesnt really come into it.

  2. rosemary151 Says:

    They're the same species and can do the same things; English budgies are just bigger and generally calmer. Any budgie can learn to talk. BUT that does not mean every individual budgie will! Talking ability is not an actual reason to get a bird, as there's so much more to having a bird than that, and some birds, even of species known for talking, just want to stick with their own language, and they deserve just as much love as the birds who are interested in learning words. If you get a budgie, it has to be because you love budgies and know that you'd really enjoy the companionship of one and love it unconditionally, and are willing to do all the work that comes with it for the rest of its life.

Can English Budgies talk? or is it just normal Budgies that can talk?

Question by heeeeeyy ;D: Can English Budgies talk? or is it just normal Budgies that can talk?
I wanna get one so I can teach it to talk but I don't know which one can actually talk. I haven't found any thing with a talking English budgie but I have with a normal talking Budgie.
I searched online
I searched online


Answer by Lee(im greek)!
yes my parakeets talk! and its Australian parakeet! not english budgie

Does anyone know of any English Budgie breeders in/around the bay area?

Question by rebecca: Does anyone know of any English Budgie breeders in/around the bay area?
I am interested in purchasing an English Budgie soon but i don't want to go far from the bay area, California.


Answer by Joshua
Try Andre's Aviaries in Carson

2 Answers

  1. jenny Says:


    http:www.hoobly.com/12027/2429/0/ these are a good place to start looking

    english budgies are better bought from the breeder rather than a shop also they are slightly larger than a parakeet from the USA they have been bred to be larger so this depends were you live also they lay eggs at all times of the yr.If you are in the UK you can get them from any of the breeders in the uk website i have give you.also if you want one as a pet get a male they are easier to tame and talk with patience.

    look at a spangled pied budgie's they are a lot bigger than the US and the AU they imported the wild bird from the AU and we was the first country to breed these large budgie's these type were bred just to be larger for exhibition's but all my birds are large in my aviary they were never shown in any exhibitions.

    i bought some of a breeder for £4 each when i first started breeding my own if you bought some from a pet shop you would be getting any run of the mill bird and would be smaller this is why i wouldn't buy from a shop they know nothing about the birds and sell them for ridiculous price's. i only sell mine for £8 and i don't sell them to pet shop's.look at any uk website they are all breeder's and compare the price against the shop's.

    there are alot of throw back's sold to them this is why you can buy some of them that is not at all healthy.as they are not proper breeder's they are people that just interbreed then sell them cheap to the shops to get rid half of them poor birds might not be able to fly or have parasite's on them that can kill them.spayed legs and scaly face.

    this is why you want to use a breeder to buy from like myself.

    hope this helps you

  2. Spike Says:

    ENGLISH budgie? No such thing, &- they're native to the World's largest ISLAND, &- AUSTRALIA! Most local pet shops import, and sell 'em, though!

    My beautiful, &- very LIVELY, and, EXTREMELY NOISY, &- young pet, &- aged, approximately, 13 weeks, and called "SIDNEY T. BUDGIE", &- his middle name is "THE", &- cost me £15, &- but, because he has bought me SO MUCH pleasure, since I got him, (he's CUTE, and CHEEKY), &- he'd have been worth 4 TIMES, that amount, to me!

    Good luck!

Where can I purchase an English Budgie?

Question by KnicksRback: Where can I purchase an English Budgie?
I was thinking about getting an english budgie but I don't know where I can purchase one. What part of the year do they normally lay eggs?


Answer by bill g
budgieregars are native to australia — but most pet shops any where in the world , sell them — good luck

Does anyone know of any English Budgie Breeders in Texas?

Question by TXgirl: Does anyone know of any English Budgie Breeders in Texas?
I have absolutely fallen in love with the English budgie. I would love to own a purebred English budgie, but I do not know of any breeders in north Texas. Does anyone know of a breeder in this area? Thank you


Answer by alex41
Yep. Ann Rankin and her husband, Arlington, Tx.
Also, check out the bird mart in Ft. Worth on Oct. 13 at the Will Rogers Coliseum. Hope this helps.

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  1. Snoopy Says:

    i have a budgie,she should get at least 7 or 8 hours in a day.

  2. TreeHuggingVegan Says:

    She's probably stressed because of the recent change in environment, introduction to new birds and people and a different diet than she got in the store. Make sure she gets some time to herself in a comfortable place and is eating. When stressed they can require 10-12 hours per day.
    If she's not eating or is spending a lot of time on the bottom of the cage instead of a perch you may want to take her to an avian vet at least for a check up.

During the day, how much sleep should a 6 month old English Budgie be getting?

Question by ~u?????r~: During the day, how much sleep should a 6 month old English Budgie be getting?
I have had her for four days now. She was really talkative, except now she seems to be doing a lot more sleeping over the two day period. She eats, talks and interacts with the other English Budgie. Its just seemed like it has declined recently. Is this common for, being that she is only six months?
Shes a BIRD, not a dog.


Answer by upallniteowl
I read somewhere that dogs sleep anywhere from 17 to 20 hours a day.

What is your English budgie like? Can they learn to talk as well as an American budgie?

Question by GuppyLover: What is your English budgie like? Can they learn to talk as well as an American budgie?
1) Are they just as smart as an American budgie?
2) Can they talk as well as and learn as many words as an American budgie?
3) What is their temperament like?

I am asking for answers from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with English budgies. I've read up on them a lot. Looking for personal opinions of the birds' temperament and talking/trick abilities. I am looking into getting a 2 month old male this weekend who was hand fed and tame already, and would like to teach it to talk but I heard they are not as smart and have a low capability of talking (compared to the american budgie)..but then I also heard that 90% of breeder's English budgies hatchlings learn to start talking before they're weaned..? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!


Answer by Konnestra
English budge and American budgie are not different speces. They are the same! It's just that the "English" budgie was bred for shows.

Here's something that might help clear it out http://www.birds-online.de/allgemein/arten_en.htm

Since they are the same specie except bred a bit differently, they should have the same intelligence level. The temparament varies alot depending on if you buy a older budgie who's had a rough time with previous owners.

Since you're getting a young bird it shouldn't be a problem as long as you know how to care for budgies in general.

I have had many budgies but making them talk takes alot of patience , and alot of training and repetition.

Hope this helps!

Will english budgies still mate with 3 of them in a cage?

Question by Tyler Florczak: Will english budgies still mate with 3 of them in a cage?
I currently own two english budgies. one male and one female. They have not mated since i've had them together (approx. 3 months) and i need them to breed fertile eggs. If i add another male to the picture, is there a chance that he will mate with the female?


Answer by moggie
No spares in the cage. One pair only.
Only breed them if they are over 12 months. Females under four years as well.
Healthy happy birds in breeding condition and the right ages will breed.
Some people also get the sexes confused so be sure yours are male and female and old enough ( that doesnt just mean cere colour either ).


  1. Natalie Says:

    Firstly all budgies are australian. the 'english' budgie is a larger bird due to being breed as a show-bird. these birds can be up to double the size (more 80%) of the native wild type of australian budgie. there is no noticeable difference between the intelligence of either variety and american budgies are the same.
    budgies like many animals feed their offspring milk. the mother makes it and feeds them it for the first 5 days or so, then feeds a mixture of milk and seed, then seed, then teaches them to eat for themselves. hand-reared budgies are not getting the immune properties of the milk. over time i have had to hand rear budgies, due to parent death etc... and i can tell you that every time i have, that bird has died before 18 months old, normal is 6 years or more for aviary budgies, worldwide.
    the best age to get a bird is 6/7 weeks old, strait from it's parents, before it learns that the pecking order is.
    Males mimic sounds to attract a mate, females can as well but males are more likely to mimic clearly. the secret is talking clearly to them (no baby/dumb-voice) and they will talk clearly back to you. males also bite less as it's the females job to fight for nest location and over males. so overall get a boy if you want a talker and unlikely-biter.
    1)all budgies are as 'smart' as each other, they can all learn many phrases, songs, sentences and tricks
    2)yes. the key is picking one phrase and teaching them that before moving on to another, starting with their name is good. they will pick things up faster as they learn more. like a human child, just speak clearly and they will speak clearly back to you.
    3)really depends on the bird. all birds are different, just like humans. choosing a male, at approx 6/7 weeks old strait from it's parents is the best method to achieving a long-lasting best friend. also only have ONE bird as this way it bonds with you, not a friend. if your going to do this you need to be sure that you will have time to spend with your friend as it can become lonely without you. if this is you get two birds but be aware they won't be as friendly toward you as they are to each other.
    i've never known one to talk that early and i have been breeding english birds for many years. many of my birds do talk but they learned once they left their siblings and joined their new families, most begin talking within 6-8 weeks of moving into their new homes. phrases come faster for all once they learn to make the sounds of the alphabet.
    lastly clipping of the wings. clip only one wing,clip along the line of the next set of feathers except the last two on outside. the second last needs to be clipped twice, the first clip to be halfway to the rest. next day clip it the full way. i say this because this feather(and the last one) has blood run through it and clipping too short will hurt the bird if you don't let it dry out first. leave the outermost feather as a steer feather. i suggest always clipping as soon as you get them for thier own safety as they will not know their surroundings and may fly into objects very easily. also if there's a high chance of doors being open etc
    tips & tricks for the perfect pet bird:
    TAMING IN GENERAL: if you want a bird that's comfortable being held in a hand over its body kind of way, then hold it like this alot. just don't squeeze it! if you want one that only likes your finger or your shoulder then only hold it like this from the beginning. if you want a bit of everything then do a bit of everything from word go. this is why bird's of children generally don't care if you grab them. it's what kids do. and those of adults will hate you if you do it because adults believe that grabbing is mean. really it's just how you raise it. get the bird used to how it will be treated.
    TALKING: if you would like a talker, get a boy. and only get one bird. speak clearly in whatever language you like. repeat the phrase alot, even if it's from across the room when cooking dinner and the bird is in the cage. remember it takes time though as they learn more sounds they will begin to learn new words more quickly. ion one case i had a bird learn a phrase with 3 words in 24 hours. that bird's first word came at age 3 months, and was taken from it's nest at 5 and a half weeks old.
    TRICKS: google for dog training videos and that's how to train your bird (i'm not even joking, it's the same method, use it!)
    BITING: At 6/7 weeks old budgies act very similar to a human child in that they explore the world with their mouth. at this time that the difference between a biter and non-biter is made. a bird will mouth you, nibble and yeah may bite hard as a play or test bite. if you react now they will know it does

What is your English budgie like? Can they learn to talk as well as an American budgie?

Question by GuppyLover: What is your English budgie like? Can they learn to talk as well as an American budgie?
1) Are they just as smart as an American budgie?
2) Can they talk as well as and learn as many words as an American budgie?
3) What is their temperament like?

I am asking for answers from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with English budgies. I've read up on them a lot. Looking for personal opinions of the birds' temperament and talking/trick abilities. I am looking into getting a 2 month old male this weekend who was hand fed and tame already, and would like to teach it to talk but I heard they are not as smart and have a low capability of talking (compared to the american budgie)..but then I also heard that 90% of breeder's English budgies hatchlings learn to start talking before they're weaned..? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!


Answer by John
Any Budgie American or English, Australian ,is of one species , they are Budgies,there is no difference in their ability to talk, What you have been told is a load of Rubbish.

I have been a breeder for over 10 years and can vouch that there is no difference in their ability to talk or do tricks.

The only problem you will encounter is in the Price, some will charege you more for which ever one you decide on , But once again a Budgie is a Budgie no matter what.


Should there be a difference in size between english budgie baby and normal budgies babies?

Question by juan: Should there be a difference in size between english budgie baby and normal budgies babies?
The reason i ask this is because i was forced to give 3 normal (american) eggs to my english budgie hen, who was incubating 3 of her own. 4 babies hatched int total. however, two hatched the same day, and they are about the same size. I was wondering if at about 2 weeks old there should be a difference in size between them if they were one english and one normal.


Answer by moggie
No, there is no difference at this stage. A rule we use when fostering eggs or babies to another nest is, if you cant mark the eggs and know which chicks are which at hatching, you make sure you foster them into a nest where you will recognise the offspring. For instance green series babies into a nest of all blues. Or coloured chicks into a nest of all albinos etc.
I have a nest at the moment where I had to foster some eggs. Both parents of this nest are greywings so I know any babies of their will be greywings. They have fosters that are cinnamons and one foster from a dom pied and normal green parents. Once they feather up I will know which are which.
Knowing genetics and the breeding expectations helps a lot in these cases. It helps you make choices about where to foster and it helps you recognise which babies belong in the nest and which are fostered.
You wont know till they feather up and even then you may have to guess if you havent got the genetic inheritance worked out. Chicks may be bigger at 4 weeks.

2 Answers

  1. PASO Says:

    If their wings were clipped when you purchased them, you should be trying to hold them and let them get used to you right away. It is fine to leave them for a day or two but it is better for both you and the birds if they get interaction with you right away.

    If their wings are not clipped I would take them back to the store and get them clipped so you can train them. It is much easier to train them when their wings are clipped.

    You also want to train them in a small area like your bathroom so they can't escape and get hurt.

  2. FamilyofJockeys Says:

    Okay if it is a hand tamed bird already then DO NOT leave it alone for a week! Think about it. You just adopt a puppy that was treated badly do you leave it in a corner for a week without any playtime? If your dad wont let you take him out then talk to him in a soothing voice A LOT that way he gets used to you.

How long until I can try and hold my english budgies?

Question by Philipe A: How long until I can try and hold my english budgies?
I just got two english budgies yesterday (7/2) and my dad says I have to wait at least a week before I try and hold them. But I was wondering if he's right, and how long I should wait until i try and hold them.


Answer by ms bell
Your dad is very smart. It's a good idea to wait at least a week so your English budgies can calm down and become more comfortable in their new home. If you try holding them too soon, they will probably fly all over or try and bite you. That is a budgie's usual reaction when scared or nervous. Give them some time to get used to their surroundings and then you can try to get them on your finger in the cage.

2 Answers

  1. steven t Says:

    firstly budgies are australian.the so called "english"budgie is a big buff headed bird that was bred purely for english breeders on the show circuit.it is so far removed as far as shape ,form ,fertility ,and longevity of a real budgie.any budgie will suffice for a partner or friend for him but if you wish to breed from him quite often these "english" budgies need to have the feathers clipped around their vent to help with fertilisation.

  2. OR Says:

    Wow you got a handful of them. I would say get one that is mellow and laid back and really calm. To be honest it's very hard to know a bird's personality until he or she gets home and settles in for good. Just do your best and here's to it working out well.

Which personality of English Budgie should I pick?

Question by Deirdre M: Which personality of English Budgie should I pick?
I have one English Budgie in a cage with four parakeets and I'm getting him a mate of his own kind because he seems left out. He is very quiet and shy. My question is, in this case is it, opposites attract, or should I get one for him that is like himself? And yes, I have read all about how to properly introduce new birds to existing birds. Thanks.


Answer by Becky D
Matching personalities definitely is the only way to go with animals!
I had an English budgie and bought a female friend. She was quiet and not very friendly, he was a loud lover, they hated each other so much they had to be separated.

Think of it like your having a really terrible day and a very peppy person keeps coming over to tell you how great life is.
Remember they are going to be in a cage together most of the time and unable to get too far away from the other one another.

4 Answers

  1. Dea Says:

    Well, she reached her sexual maturing! She is now a "teen" and all "teens " have issues, whatever species they may belong to.

    Maybe you can separete them untill she calms down a bit?

  2. Kakariki Says:

    If it continues, it would be best to separate them and keep them in two cages. When one bird harrasses another all the time, the stress will often bring on sickness in the harrassed bird. Even if it doesn't bring on sickness in this case, life won't be much fun for the younger one if it's going to be chased all the time. They would probably like their cages to be near each other, but it sounds as though the older one is too territorial to be kept in the cage with the other one.
    Best of luck.

  3. RowanSilverSkye Says:

    Male and Female Budgies don't always get along,mine wouldn't let my Male eat either,she is being' top bird 'and telling him what and when he can do things,isn't she?Female Budgies are just like this.I would separate them if she continues this,he can become ill,or too skinny.he's Henpecked!

  4. humor4fms Says:

    If she is not clipped, clip her wings and allow him full flighted. You did not say when you introduced either one into the cage. This may be the problem. Depending on the fact if you put HER in HIS cage or HIM in HER cage.

    When introducing a new bird, it must be done in the right way, or you will have a dead bird.

    From what you said, i'd say you put HIM, in HER cage and she's being territorial in HER CAGE. She don't want him there, and it's time you remove him or she will kill him.

    If you need more help, just email me!!

Why is my English budgie being agressive?

Question by ~u?????r~: Why is my English budgie being agressive?
I have an albino English budgie. She is a little over a year old and shes been in the same cage with a green English budgie who is 21/2. For the most part they have always gotten along. Until recently, she'll go after him and peck at him no matter where he sits around the cage. Then when he eats she will go down to the food cups and start fighting with him again. He is a very sweet bird so he doesn't really fight back. Any advise?


Answer by Poof B
You should probably separate them before one or both gets injured.

3 Answers

  1. moggie2 Says:

    They are both budgerigars. The larger one is more often called a show type or exhibition type budgerigar. Even in england they dont call them english budgerigars. English and the term parakeets is more often terms used in the USA.
    The other one is not a parakeet it is a budgerigar too. Parakeets are a family of several kind of birds within it. It like saying there is the canine family in DIGS but there are dog breeds like poodles, dobermans etc.
    A budgerigar is one of those kinds of parakeets but is not specifically and only a parakeet. Common usage of the term parakeet primarily in the USA confuses people.
    Having said that, they are both budgerigars only different sizes. YES you can breed them together and because of it the chicks will be slightly larger and more robust than you would expect from a pair of pet type budgies.
    You will have some nice chicks out of them. Good luck.

  2. Vee Says:

    Yes. My pair was the other way around. But, yes they can.
    My enlish budgie she died after having an egg inside because she was egg bound. If you are going to breed them make sure she is eating a lot of calcium/minerals by a cuttle bone/mineral blocks and fresh veg/fruits.

    Then she should be healthy and ready for breeding.

  3. Immer Says:

    yes, certainly.

Can you breed a English Budgie with a Parakeet?

Question by Tara: Can you breed a English Budgie with a Parakeet?
The two birds are very similar just one is a bit bigger that the other. My female is the parakeet and the male is the English Budgie.


Answer by Mandi
Their babies will be called "Budgerigars". Here is some info on budgerigars;


Here is s0me information on breeding birds;



  1. moggie Says:

    You are slightly confused.
    English budgies are what SOME people call show budgies...only if they are getting the terminology wrong.
    There is no pet type english budgies.
    Here in Australia we have pet type budgies and we have show type budgies...no "english" budgies...they are all australian. The only "english" budgies live in england and even there they arent called english budgies.
    Pet type budgies in australia can be bought privately advertised ones at around $ 15-$ 30. Petshops generally charge $ 30 upwards.
    If you want a budgie to tame and be friends with buy only one not two.

How much does an average english budgie cost in australia?

Question by Kayla J: How much does an average english budgie cost in australia?
Not the show quality budgies, but just average english budgies, pet english budgies, how much do they cost? am thinking about getting two...


Answer by Jesinta
babies no more than $ 30 each. Adults usually $ 15

Depending where / who you get them from and if they are hand tamed or 'wild'.


  1. moggie Says:

    Here is one my friends husband makes


    it may give you some ideas :)

How do I make a play gym for my English budgie?

Question by StellaCallieLuna: How do I make a play gym for my English budgie?
I am going to make a play gym for my English budgie for my b-day with my Grandpa. I would like to know, (since English are bigger) if I need to make anything bigger. I also have a normal sized budgie. How can a make a VERY good play gym for my birds?


Answer by JJ7000
Make a water park for it... If I was a Budgie I'd love it.

2 Answers

  1. hellogoodbye Says:

    Impacted grop or gizzard (ingestion of foreign material), stress, loneliness, etc, are only some of the things that can cause dramatic weight loss.

    Yes, take her to a vet.
    You won't be able to detect what made her lose weight, but a visible weight loss is NOT good.

  2. margecutter Says:

    "If you suspect that your budgie is sick, it is best to consult a vet as soon as possible. Budgies are masters at disguising illness and often by the time sickness is noticeable, it is very serious. Common signs of illness include less activity than usual and/or less chirpiness than usual, sitting fluffed up and sleeping alot, lack of appetite or not eating at all, weight loss, discharge from eyes and/or nostils, less interest in preening and playing, sneezing, wheezing, and inability to perch."

What can cause weight lose in an English Budgie?

Question by jrgillin: What can cause weight lose in an English Budgie?
My English Budgie is 4 years old. She is eating as much as she usually is, but is losing weight. Her stool is normal, and she isn't acting any differenty. Is she just getting old? Should I bring her to the vets?


Answer by KillerBudgie
A vet is recommended. Loss of weight can mean a number of things...that only a vet could detect. The sooner you get her to a vet the better. Then if there is something wrong the vet may catch it early.


  1. Cypher Says:

    Congratulations on your new friend!

    Please do continue to keep an eye on your bird &- if he continues not eating after more than a day &- 2 days, you will definitely need to make an appointment with an avian (bird-qualified) vet. He's probably still just settling in just now, and some birds can take a little longer than others. However, I'd also check with your breeder / petshop to make sure that he's got the same food as he's always eaten &- ANY change in diet, on top of the stress of moving home, can put them off their food.

    English budgies are larger than American budgies, but both are just as nice personality-wise. In my experience here in the UK, there is no difference at all in life expectancy between the 2 types, although I have read that some people suppose that there is. My oldest budgie lived to over 14 1/2 years old, with almost all reaching 10-12 or so.

    This is pretty much the stated life expectancy for an American budgie, so I'd have to say that there is no difference in age.

    Here's a pic of an American and English budgie side by side (English budgie in the right): http://www.budgieplace.com/pic19.jpg

    Of course, technically they are actually Australian birds, so neither the English nor Americans can rightly lay claim to them :)

    A nice article about budgies for you to read: http://www.crittersonthings.com/budgies.htm

What is the difference between an American Budgie and an English Budgie?

Question by ? DOGLUVER ?: What is the difference between an American Budgie and an English Budgie?
I just got a green rare Budgie and I know it is a female. But, I don't know if it is an American or English Budgie. What is the difference? Is one more nicer or bigger. I got mine at PetsMart. This is the second day I have him and he is so tame. He steps up like if he has been doing it for years. He is very quiet and not eating or drinking. Should I be worried and take him to the vet. Please any help will be appreciated :D


Answer by MooMoo
It takes a few weeks for a bird to really settle down and get used to the environment. If its a female that could be a reason as to why shes being really quiet. Give her some time and she will probably start to vocalize more. As for the eating and drinking, since we are unable to watch our birds 24/7 we probably would get worried if they are eating or not. Im sure your little bird is eating and drinking just fine. Until she is used to you she probably wont eat in front of you.

as for the difference between American and English Budgies i believe the main difference is size. English budgies are bigger then the American Budgie also known as the Parakeet.

this should help you see the difference.


English Budgies