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Problem-Solving Budgies Make More Attractive Mates  Forbes

Direct observation of problem-solving skills in male budgerigars increases their attractiveness to females and this mate preference may contribute to the ...

Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! – Shy FX  NME.com

In Does Rock 'N' Roll Kill Braincells?!, we quiz a grizzled artist on their own career to see how much they can remember – and find out if the booze, loud music ...

When Choosing a Mate, These Female Birds Prefer Brains Over Beauty or Brawn  Smithsonian.com

When it comes to affairs of the heart, there are a variety of factors at play: mutual attraction, shared interests, an intangible spark that eventually leads to love.

Female Parakeets Flock to Birds With Brains  Atlas Obscura

Bird brains get mocked a lot. Rather unfairly, too. Birds are, in the words of Gizmodo, “freakishly smart.” Crows, in particular, are famously intelligent, but even ...

Linux Distro Spotlight: What I Love About Ubuntu Budgie  Forbes

In this new series, find out what I love most about a particular Linux distro. Then hear from one of its developers about why they love working on the project.

Syrian defector reveals budgerigar hobby is a way to cope  The National

Video blogging helps overcome the pain of isolation for former high-flier.

Talk about Travel  Washington Post

The Post's travel writers and editors discuss your travel stories, questions, gripes and more.

Scientists' Colorful Quest To Discover How Parrots Became Green  Forbes

A team of scientists developed a methodology to map out molecular processes and used that to identify the mysterious yellow pigment gene that parrots use to ...

Meet The Linux Desktop That's More Beautiful Than Windows 10 And MacOS  Forbes

As a fairly new desktop Linux user I've been a distro-hopping fanatic, exploring the functionality and key differences between the array of excellent options out ...

Linux For Beginners: Understanding The Many Versions Of Ubuntu  Forbes

So you've heard about this popular Linux OS called Ubuntu. But did you know there are seven official versions? Let's break them down and figure out the perfect ...

Travel - The real story behind Australian slang  BBC News

From Bondi to Bells, Noosa to Cable, Australia is renowned for its beautiful beaches. Less well known is the way beach culture has influenced Australian English ...

Countdown fans in hysterics as Rachel Riley spells out VERY rude insult on the board  The Sun

COUNTDOWN fans were left open-mouthed by today's answer to the letter game - because you are absolutely not going to find it in any dictionary.

Prince Harry declines to sign a pair of budgie smugglers presented to him by Aussie athletes  Daily Mail

Prince Harry has posed for a photograph wearing a pair of Budgie Smugglers. A group of Australian athletes tried to get him to sign a pair of swimwear earlier on ...

Owners dump budgies over bird flu fears  The Local Switzerland

Animal rescue centres in Zurich are reporting an increase in the number of budgerigars being handed in amid a new outbreak of bird flu in Switzerland.

Budgies are the first species other than humans that have been seen to learn grammar  Daily Mail

Scientists at the University of Leiden and Duke University put six budgerigars through their paces. They played them five bursts of song made of three parts and ...

Two budgie birds engage in a conversation in English  MSN Health & Fitness

These two budgie birds Shlomo and Booka were seen talking to each other quite animatedly. They were saying "Hi" to each other repeatedly and also seemed ...

Kylie Minogue Cologne concert hit by security scare  DW (English)

German police armed with submachine guns were deployed to a Kylie Minogue concert in Cologne to quell a potential attack. The threat was reportedly linked to ...

Broken hearted budgie refuses to leave the side of his dead friend  Daily Mail

The astonishing video was captured in Turkey by the owner of the two birds, who filmed the moment he tried to take the dead one away from the other.

5 Gorgeous Examples Of Truly Customized Linux Desktops  Forbes

I repeatedly insist that Linux makes your PC feel personal again, but the level of customization and pure creative beauty on display here left my jaw lingering on ...

budgies coming to Don  The Advocate

Annual budgie show is coming to Don Hall this Saturday.

Ubuntu Studio 19.04 Has New Tricks Up Its Sleeve For Linux Creatives  Forbes

A few months ago Ubuntu Studio was on its deathbed. Version 19.10 breathes new life into the open source OS designed for creative humans.

First Look: Tuxedo InfinityCube Linux Desktop PC With Intel Core-i7 8700  Forbes

I've played with Linux on several of my own machines, but I recently unboxed my first custom-built Linux PC courtesy of Tuxedo Computers. It's called the ...

The Australian National Dictionary celebrates 30th anniversary of recording Australianisms  The West Australian

Not happy, Jan. Grey nomad. Budgie smugglers. They're the Australianisms that punctuate our conversations and make our language unique. This year The ...

Ubuntu 18.10 'Cosmic Cuttlefish' Beta Available To Download In All Flavors  Forbes

A new version of Ubuntu and all its cosmic flavors are right around the corner. Here's what's new and where to download the final Beta.

FOSS Project Spotlight: WallpaperDownloader  Linux Journal

Are you bored with the look of your desktop? Are the wallpapers that come with your distro enough for you? WallpaperDownloader is a graphical application that ...

Turkish army seizes parrots, budgies on Syria border  Al-Arabiya

The Turkish army has confiscated 700 parrots and 294 budgerigars on the border with Syria, it said on Friday, as its tighter security measures ensnare.

Retro Football: A Salute To Journeyman Goalkeeper John Burridge And His Incredibly Acrobatic Warm-Up Routine (Video)  Who Ate All The Pies

Goalkeeper John Burridge is fondly remembered for a variety of reasons, though his remarkably nomadic career is perhaps chief among them. Over 29 years in ...

MAHONEY: Getting city to budge on budgies  Hamilton Spectator

Animal bylaw control is cracking down on aviaries for exceeding the city's four-animal limit.

I'm a Celeb fans can't handle Nick pumping in underwear  DigitalSpy.com

I'm a Celebrity fans can't handle Nick Knowles pumping in his underwear, as the DIY SOS host and Emily Atack share a bizarre and awkward moment.

Everything We Know About Birds That Glow  Atlas Obscura

Tony Diamond can't remember exactly why he first shone a blacklight on a puffin. It was around 2010 or 2011, and the ecology professor was helping a graduate ...

Linux Guide: How To Easily Create A Bootable Live USB Using Ubuntu  Forbes

Using Ubuntu but want to test drive a different flavor like Budgie or Kubuntu? It's ridiculously simple.

In Development at Netflix, Post-“Bird Box”  The New Yorker

Emily Flake humorously illustrates a number of new Netflix properties to follow on the success of the Sandra Bullock apocalypse film, “Bird Box.”

Earthquake felt across northern England as residents describe underground rumble and shaking homes  The Telegraph

Thousands of people in the north-east of England said they felt their homes shake on Saturday night, as British seismologists confirmed the region had been hit ...

Labour suspends councillor over 'Jews drink blood' post  The Times of Israel

Cllr Damien Enticott removed by the party after sharing video on Facebook calling Jews 'parasites' who 'need executing'

John Grant comes to Vancouver to cast a spell with Love Is Magic  Vancouver Sun

The American singer-songwriter is still waiting to be embraced at home.

Herbie Duston involved in many areas of budgie breeding and showing  The Southland Times

Herbie Duston is preparing his best budgies for the Southland Bird Club Show in June.

From budgie-smugglers to nothing at all: our writers on what they wear to the beach  The Guardian

For some it's kaftans, for others straw hats, and painted toenails are apparently mandatory. Guardian journalists explain their rules for summer dressing.

Who put the ball in the England net? Ray Houghton did – and it happened thirty years ago today  Independent.ie

Ireland's fate in their first-ever game in a major finals sealed before a ball was kicked?

Sacred hearts, stereos, JFK and ashtrays: 22 relics of Irish homes past  The Irish Times

Conor Pope remembers when hallways had telephone tables and beds had blankets?

A Linux Noob Reviews: The Pop!_OS Installer From System76  Forbes

Welcome to a new series here at Forbes that zeroes in on your very first experience with a new desktop Linux operating system: the installer. In this debut review ...

The Whisky Chronicles  The New York Times

Little has changed on the Scottish island of Islay since its iconic whisky distilleries were profiled in Alfred Barnard's famously detailed Victorian-era book.

World Cup 2018: What to buy instead of a £500 England ticket?  BBC News

Tickets for England's World Cup match against Colombia were selling online for more than £500. But what else could that cash buy you, while still watching the ...

Holey Swiss: Man Breaks Record in British Downhill Cheese Race  Smithsonian.com

Some heroes wear capes. Others fling themselves down hills in pursuit of an 8-pound wheel of cheese. As the BBC reports, a British man has set a record for the ...

An Australian Dictionary Makes ‘Shirt-front’ and ‘Budgie Smuggler’ Official  The New York Times

HONG KONG — In October 2014, Australia's prime minister produced blank stares around the globe when he vowed to “shirt-front” President Vladimir V. Putin of ...

The majesty of a one-footed seagull  Newsday

I notice one gull a bit more unsteady than its friends.

Intel's Hades Canyon NUC And Ubuntu Linux 18.10 Are Perfect Together  Forbes

Kiss your problems installing Ubuntu on Intel's Hades Canyon goodbye. Ubuntu 18.10 runs flawlessly out of the box!

History of Slits at FilmBar May 20  Phoenix New Times

Early on in William Bagley's Here to Be Heard: The Story of The Slits, an off-camera voice reflects on what the female punk pioneers were all about. “Rock 'n' roll ...

Purism Launches the Librem Key, Mir 1.0 Released, Solus 3 ISO Refresh Now Available, New Malware as a Service Botnet Discovered and Sparky 5.5 Is Out  Linux Journal

News briefs September 21, 2018. Purism yesterday launched Librem Key, the "first and only OpenPGP smart card providing a Heads-firmware-integrated ...

Aubrey Plaza On Legion and What's Next Following Her 'Parks & Rec' Fame  MarieClaire.com

Aubrey Plaza, best known for her role as April Ludgate on 'Parks & Rec,' now stars in Legion on FX. The second season finale aired on June 12 and the show ...

Rare case of 'parrot fever' sickens English bird-keeper  Healio

A man in England who kept many pet birds was sickened by a rare case of psittacosis, also known as “parrot fever,” according to researchers. The sometimes ...

Medway youth earns blue ribbons for 4-H presentation  Wicked Local

MEDWAY -- Ten-year-old Hunter Ross has been involved with 4-H for half his life, so he's been absorbing what it takes to become a mini expert in a topic and ...

Countdown's Rachel Riley left horrified as show comes across its RUDEST spelling blunder yet  Daily Mail

Rachel Riley was left horrified and extremely red faced after spelling out 'c** budgie' on the show's famous letter board during Wednesday's broadcast, in what ...

Here's The Best Linux Distro For Your Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme  Forbes

When I evaluate any combination of hardware and operating system, my goal is to have 100% out-of-the-box functionality and start testing. That's why one Linux ...

Album Of The Week: J Mascis' Elastic Days  Kerrang!

Below is a reprint of a feature from K!1719. You can read our full review of Elastic Days in the current issue, on shelves now. With his long straight white hair and ...

Get yer hand off it, mate, Australian slang is not dying  The Conversation AU

Every few years there's a furphy that our beloved 'Strine' slang is doing a Harold Holt – but in fact Aussies are still slinging true-blue slang.

Pregnant Meghan Markle Takes Much-Needed Break from Gruelling Royal Tour  News18

Meghan, the pregnant wife of Britain's Prince Harry, is scaling back her engagements during the royal couple's 16-day Pacific tour, Kensington Palace said ...

Birds from bush now worth two in hand  The Canberra Times

They are so remarkable they rose to become a favourite pet the world over, but now they are rebounding in numbers in their original diminutive size in aviaries in ...

Know your 'Australianisms'? The Oxford English Dictionary wants to hear from you  SBS News

The Oxford English Dictionary is turning 90 this year and to celebrate is inviting Australians to submit words that are unique to this part of the world.

Bird name insults really smuggle my budgie  The Daily Telegraph

One of the best things to come out of the recent Rabbitohs Grand Final win was learning a new insult. When Russell Crowe called Crown CEO Rowen Craigie a ...

Mother shares an ultrasound image showing her unborn baby girl looking like a BUDGIE  Daily Mail

Alexandra Smith, 26, from Renfrewshire, Scotland, was left flabbergasted when her pregnancy scan appeared to show her unborn baby resembling a giant bird, ...

Is candy the new superfood? A day at the sweets fair  DW (English)

There was sugar galore at the International Sweets Fair in Cologne, but also a surprising number of healthy snacks, from veggie sticks to protein bars.

Togs the budgie chick: Tiny bush budgerigar at Wild Life Sydney zoo  Daily Mail

He might not be much bigger than a pile of loose change, but Togs the budgie chick is making a big impression at the zoo where he was recently born.

We compared the new words in the Australian National and Oxford English dictionaries, and now we don't know if we're Arthur or Martha  Quartz

The Australian National Dictionary was updated for the first time in 28 years this week, immortalizing 6,000 new words and phrases. Among the entries added to ...

Former Budgie Guitarist John Thomas Dies  BLABBERMOUTH.NET

John Thomas, former guitarist for the Welsh hard rock band BUDGIE, passed away last night, shortly after being admitted to hospital with pneumonia....

Pets Wild At Heart: Disco the talking budgie has bowled us over with his grasp of the English language  Metro

While budgies and parrots might be known for their powers of speech, this particular bird takes his grasp of English to a whole new level. In fact Disco the budgie ...

Monk parakeets now seen as a plague in major Spanish cities  EL PAÍS in English

Around 20000 of the birds, which were first detected in Spain in the 1970s, have been counted.

[UPDATED] Want Adobe's Premiere Pro Ported To Linux? Here's What To Do  Forbes

Adobe cites lack of demand for not porting software like Premiere Pro to Linux. Here's an opportunity to raise your voice and make it happen.

Short Stories: Women in Translation  PopMatters

August is women in translation month. To celebrate, we bring short stories by women in translation: Olga Tarczuk; Sayaka Murata; Mahasweta Devi; Malika ...

Taste of the riviera: a new food festival in south Devon  The Guardian

The sea off Torbay brims with fish but the British are not big fans. Hoping to tip the scales is Feast, a new food event later this month.

In kids' shows ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’ and ‘Craig of the Creek,’ imagination takes flight  Los Angeles Times

Imagination takes center stage in Amazon's "The Dangerous Book for Boys," in which a late father's handmade book inspires his sons, and "Craig of the Creek," ...

Aussie lingo a living, thriving language  Sunshine Coast Daily

Australian English is thriving and not in danger of becoming more American. The authors of Australia's own dictionary have proof.

Why Meghan Markle is queen of black and white fashion choices  New Idea

She wowed in an array of glamorous outfits during her tour of Australia and now Meghan Markle – now the Duchess of Sussex – has stepped out in Fiji looking ...

Video Shows Extreme Cheese Fans Rolling Down a Dangerous Hill for a Lot of Cheese  TIME

The annual event is filled with injuries to both humans and cheese.

1974's Best Heavy Metal Songs You Didn't Know About  Loudwire

There's no way you already knew every one of these songs.

How to watch President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address 2019 live on YouTube for free  BetaNews

Today is a big day for America -- Donald Trump will speak to the country with his annual State of the Union Address. Believe it or not, February 5 was not the ...

Gig review: John Grant at O2 Academy Leeds  Yorkshire Post

Nine years on from Queen of Denmark, the record that was to transform his musical career, John Grant remains a force to be reckoned with.

Tokyo Love Story  Chinadaily USA

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata just might be the most surprising and unexpected love story you'll ever read. Intriguingly, there's no relationship in ...

The Oxford dictionary's new words are a testament to the fluid beauty of English  The Conversation AU

The Oxford English Dictionary – the “OED” to its friends – has announced a 2016 update, consisting of over 1,000 new words and word meanings, along with the ...

Tor Browser for Android (Alpha) Now Available, Feral Interactive Announces Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Coming to Linux Spring 2019, Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish Final Beta Released, Four New openSUSE Tumbleweed Snapshots and More  Linux Journal

News briefs for September 28, 2018. The Tor Browser for Android (alpha) is now available. This mobile browser has the "highest privacy protections ever ...

Champion budgies flock to Toowoomba - ABC Southern Queensland  ABC Local

"We start with a few birds in the backyard. Then we join a club. And then the competitive part comes in; to win at the National!"

The Conversation style guide  The Conversation AU

This style guide, composed by a range of Australian Conversation editors in the years since we launched, is not meant to be comprehensive. But we hope it ...

Ask Audrey: 'As bad ideas go it's up there with taking driving lessons off Prince Philip'  Irish Examiner

Audrey's been sorting out Cork people for ages. I went slumming it yesterday and drove to Bishopstown to show my kids the new playground in Murphy's Farm.

Kurtley Beale 'surprised' that photo of him posing in his budgie smugglers alongside Prince William went viral  Independent.ie

Australia's Kurtley Beale enjoyed posing in his swimming trunks alongside the Duke of Cambridge, but is now focused on dethroning England at Twickenham.

Parrot and budgie make unlikely best friends  Telegraph.co.uk

This parrot and his budgie pal may not be birds of a feather, but they love a good cuddle.

Fire Brigade alerted to kitchen blaze by ‘home owner knocking on station door’  Belfast Telegraph

The London Fire Brigade received an unusual alert on Monday after a local homeowner knocked on the door to report a fire.

Baltimore's Oliver Brewing Co. is crafting up seriously solid beers heavy with musical influence  LancasterOnline

Immerse yourself in a world of excellently crafted beers with a heavy English influence by Oliver Brewing Co. and grind some heavy music while you're at it.

Vanessa Kirby: 'I was bullied at school and became self-conscious about everything I did'  The Guardian

Vanessa Kirby astounded audiences as Princess Margaret in The Crown. Now she is starring opposite Tom Cruise in the new Mission: Impossible. She talks to ...

Matthew Garrett Calls on Symantec to Share Its Code, EFF Questions Google's Work on Project Maven and More  Linux Journal

News briefs for April 6, 2018. Linux kernel developer, free software activist and Google engineer Matthew Garrett discovered that Symantec is using a Linux ...

Joe, Budgie and Carlton: Kings Among Men  Football Paradise

Ok, so we all know who I'm talking about here. 'Oh, but this is the first line. How the hell are we supposed to know?', comes a voice, shouting out from the crowd.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) now available  Notebookcheck.net

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver" is here and brings quite a few changes to the OS. Users upgrading from 16.04 LTS will notice quite a few aesthetic changes; ...

AAXA launches P7 Mini HD DLP Pico Projector  BetaNews

Whether for business or personal use, a projector can be an invaluable tool. A portable battery-powered model in particular can create a great presentation ...

The long wait: how one family coped with 18 years in refugee limbo  The Guardian

New documentary highlights the soul-destroying wait for those in the so-called official queue for resettlement.

The best female-fronted punk bands  NME Live

The punk rock movement began in the mid-1970s, with bands like Ramones and Sex Pistols lording over an era of youthful rebellion – littered with leather ...

Sayaka Murata's 'Convenience Store Woman' Asks You to Reconsider 'Normal' | Arts  Harvard Crimson

Keiko Furukura says that above all, she is a convenience store worker, even “more than [she is] a person.” And she prefers it that way, even if her family, friends, ...

Pet owner targeted by budgie smuggler who stole birds and sold them off in pubs  Daily Record

A burglar broke into Anne Ferguson's home in Edinburgh and now 11 of her 34 birds are missing.

Waves and walks: the raw, romantic allure of Cornwall's Badlands  The Guardian

Cornwall, more than any other place I know, is full of echoes of a past that retains its grip. Nowhere is this clearer than in commonly used place names that don't ...

'My account isn't the definitive truth': Viv Albertine on the Slits, writing and a sumo wrestler's G-string  The Guardian

The Slits guitarist and author answered questions on everything from being creative to losing her faith in music and why Toy Story 2 is the greatest.

YMC Reveals Pre-Spring "PANIC" Collection  HYPEBEAST

*Fresh* from launching its ASICSTIGER collaboration, UK-based label YMC has given a first look at its pre-Spring collection. The capsule — titled “PANIC” ...

Korea’s ‘Miss Granny’ In U.S. Remake; ‘Shetland’ Scores At Scottish BAFTAs – Global Briefs  Deadline

Hit 2014 Korean comedy Miss Granny is to be remade in English and Spanish with Tyler Perry's 34th Street Films and Eugenio Derbez's 3pas Studios, ...

Exotic animals the focus on Dr. K's television series  Reading Eagle

“Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on NAT GEO WILD (channel 108 on Reading Comcast and channel 116 on Birdsboro *Service* Electric.).

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