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Everyone's Favorite Cage - 2 doors

WindyCityParrot recommends Everyone's Favorite Cage: "One of the most versatile cages on the market. Order one now! This cage is one of our best sellers for all the right reasons. First - its versatility. The bars are wire and the frame is wrought iron. Half-a-dozen finches or a few Budgies would not only look good, they'd be happy. The 32 inch width provides adequate room for side-to-side flight. Overall height means good separation and the 21 inch depth is means the cage won't project into the room. We wouldn't hesitate to put in a pair of Sun Conures for breeding in this unit. Two breeder doors provide opportunity for greater production with smaller species.

A play stand can easily sit on the top of the cage with plenty of room for supplies on the bottom shelf. The cage can be removed from the stand (sorry, they can't be sold separately) and will blend nicely as furniture, when placed on a side table. This is the cage that fits your needs and your budget.

Everyone's Favorite Cage also comes in a 2-door variety, pictured above.

    When should I buy a budgie cage?
  • Buy and set-up your budgie cage before you bring home your new budgie.
    What size budgie cage should I buy?
  • As big as you can afford. One budgie should not be in a cage smaller than 30x18x18. I recommend "Everyone's Favorite Cage" aka: EFC, pictured above.
    What is the proper bar-spacing for an English budgie cage?
  • No more than 1/2".
    What shape budgie cage is best?
  • Rectangular. Avoid round cages. Birds need to have a wall behind them to feel safe. Also, oddly shaped cages don't provide the room for birds to stretch out their wings or to fly. It's easier to keep mess and poops contained if the bird is always over the bottom of the cage and not in areas of a cage that may hang over the sides of the cage.
    What cage metals are safe for English budgies?
  • A steel cage is the safest. Avoid cages with lead, lead soder, or brass - as these are toxic to birds. Get a bird cage with a good powder coating. Make sure there is no rust.
    Where can I find low-price quality budgie cages?
  • Ebay and Amazon are great places to look.
    English Budgie Cage Safety Tips
  • Keep your eye out for strings and loops from toys hanging down into the cage that the bird could get tangled up in. Trim frayed toys.
    What should I line a budgie cage with?
  • Line your bird cages with newsprint or paper towels. You'll want to keep track of your budgie's poos to make sure they're healthy. Corn cob bedding or paper clumped bedding can harbor mold and can be injested and cause crop-impaction. Also avoid wood shavings as they are often treated with chemicals and fragrance that is toxic to birds.
    Where is the best location for a budgie cage?
  • Somewhere safe, off of the ground, out of drafts, out of direct sunlight, away from the reach of other pets.
    How do I properly clean a budgie cage?
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with water is safest. Poop Off works well.
    What accessories do I need for a budgie cage?
  • A food dish for each budgie, a water dispensor (I recommend JW Pet Clean Cups for these - as they can't be pooped in from above), cuttlebone, cuttlebone holder, several different perches - branch perches of varying diameters - good for feet/toe muscles, a calcium perch, a rope perch, lots of toys in the canopy at the top of the cage - for birds to play and to hide in
    Should I cover a budgie cage at night?
  • Budgies need 12 hours of sleep in order to stay healthy. Covering the cage will ensure they have darkness longer and will sleep longer. Covering a cage in a room will quiet the bird and keep them quieter in the morning before they get up. Make sure the cover has no frays or strings that the bird could get tangled in.
    English Budgie Out-of-Cage time Tips
  • Budgie's need several hours a day of supervised out-of-cage time to fly around, get the exercise they need, and build up their muscles. Make sure the room they get to play in is bird-safe. Close the blinds, make sure there are no ceiling fans, other pets, stove tops, open water - pans or toilet, toxic plants or chemicals, or any other things they could get into.

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